Sam Prouse

Sam Prouse Final deadline is the 1st October [link]

Andy SC

Andy SC Brutal final round choice, Sam.

Callum Todd

Callum Todd Nice

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Rhys Benjamin

Rhys Benjamin No, Callum, it’s Hyper Nasty. Not Nice.

Sam Prouse

Sam Prouse And that is that, and after all the scores have been added up, we have a new champion, and our champion with a record breaking 271 points, is Chris Butler! Following Chris in 2nd place we have the defending champion Callum Todd with 255 points, and in gallant 3rd we find Tim Down with 243 points. Another player i'd like to give congrats to is Edward Ashcroft, who is our overall highest game points scorer, with a fantastic 1430 total points (the only player over 1400), very impressive work. Thanks very much for all of you for taking part, and hope to see you all very soon for CCC2, until then, happy numbering!

Sam Prouse

Sam Prouse Full Standings:

1st Chris Butler 271
2nd Callum Todd 255
3rd Tim Down 243
4th Jack Worsley 204
5th Edward Ashcroft 200
6th Thomas Cappleman 198
7th Norm Ahmad 184
8th Ben Andrews 171
9th Sean Fletcher 170
10th Jamie French 167
11th Matthew Tassier 160
12th Dan Byrom 157
13th Phil Collinge 156
14th James Haughton 114
15th Brendan Whitehurst 108
16th Matty Artell 106
17th Sean D 98
18th Ronan M Higginson 93
19th Rhys Benjamin 89
20th Ian Volante 88
21st Ian Birdman 81
22nd James Hall 79
23rd Andy SC 74
24th George Armstrong 72
25th Sam Shepherd 71
26th Jason Turner 69
27th Reg Thompson 60
28th Tom Rowell 58
=29th Bradley Horrocks 48
=29th Robin M 48
31st Sam Prouse 41
32nd Tracey Mills 35
33rd Andrew McNamara 19
34th Elizabeth Beer 18
35th Thomas Carey 12
36th Tricia Lockhart 11
37th Fiona T 9
38th Zack K 6
=39th Danielle Watson 0
=39th Derek Matthews 0

Chris Butler

Chris Butler Woo, thanks for hosting Sam, was great fun. Also, well played Edward, you'd have won it on any other points system

Tricia Lockhart

Tricia Lockhart Thanks to all, host and players

Tourney round: Numbers Numbers Numbers 2: Round 7: Hyper Nasty

<< Round 6: Duckdown

Notes from the organizer: This is it then, it's the final round and this will for sure decided who is our champion.

For your final test, the challenge will be against Plum, and the format will be the infamous Hyper Nasty, so i've definitely saved your hardest challenge for last.

With the title on the line, it's time to find out who can hold their nerve for the final time, the very best of luck to all.

Ran from: 25 September – 1 October 2019. Format: Hyper Nasty Numbers Attack. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Sam Prouse.

Fixtures: 40. Completed: 31.

Results and fixtures

Player 1Player 2Status
Apterous PlumAndrew McNamaraUnplayed
Apterous PlumAndy SC107 – 100
Apterous PlumBen AndrewsUnplayed
Apterous PlumBradley Horrocks58 – 90
Apterous PlumBrendan Whitehurst104 – 90
Apterous PlumCallum Todd84 – 140
Apterous PlumChris Butler70 – 144
Apterous PlumDan Byrom117 – 114
Apterous PlumDanielle WatsonUnplayed
Apterous PlumDerek MatthewsUnplayed
Apterous PlumEdward Ashcroft100 – 170
Apterous PlumElizabeth Beer97 – 51
Apterous PlumFiona T64 – 10
Apterous PlumGeorge Armstrong49 – 30
Apterous PlumIan Birdman89 – 0
Apterous PlumIan Volante67 – 90
Apterous PlumJack Worsley117 – 150
Apterous PlumJames Hall74 – 100
Apterous PlumJames HaughtonUnplayed
Apterous PlumJamie French95 – 95
Apterous PlumJason Turner77 – 30
Apterous PlumMatthew Tassier40 – 140
Apterous PlumMatty Artell111 – 70
Apterous PlumNorm AhmadUnplayed
Apterous PlumPhil Collinge89 – 100
Apterous PlumReg Thompson77 – 50
Apterous PlumRhys Benjamin114 – 70
Apterous PlumRobin M90 – 30
Apterous PlumRonan M HUnplayed
Apterous PlumSam Prouse109 – 50
Apterous PlumSam Shepherd67 – 74
Apterous PlumSean D64 – 0
Apterous PlumSean FletcherUnplayed
Apterous PlumThomas Cappleman91 – 97
Apterous PlumThomas Carey30 – 121
Apterous PlumTim Down57 – 100
Apterous PlumTom RowellUnplayed
Apterous PlumTracey Mills57 – 50
Apterous PlumTricia Lockhart74 – 50
Apterous PlumZack K99 – 0

Key. Green: winner. Red: loser. Grey: tie. Light green/red: provisional. White: unplayed.

This website is not endorsed by or affiliated with Channel 4, the makers of Countdown, or any person associated with the aforementioned in any way whatsoever at all, never has been, never will be, and moreover is proud not to be. Yep.

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