Sam Prouse

Sam Prouse And that's it, we have a Champion.

The inaugural (and quite possibly only!) Apto World Snooker Champion is Luke Johnson-Davies, winning the final against Johnny Canuck by a score of 14-18.

Well, that was a journey and a half, thank you to all 32 who signed up, and thank you for putting up with me and the tournament all this time :D. I appreciate that this tournament may have been better on paper than in real life, but hope that all who took part and were enjoyed it as much as you could :).

I really don't think i'm going to run this tournament again, it was a lot of stress, but if one of you thinks they can take the reigns, than by all means be my guest, just be prepared is all i can say to you.

And with that, it is finally time to pull the curtain down on this marathon tournament, thank you all :).

Callum Todd

Callum Todd Wow this tournament must have passed me by, it looks immense. Great performance Luke, you're probably the best actual snooker player in this tournament too!

Johnny becomes Canada's 3rd best snooker player after Cliff Thorburn and Bill Werbeniuk.

Ronan M H

Ronan M H Well done to Luke as a worthy winner of this tournament, and to Johnny, an amazing opponent who played superbly against Luke!!

I can't finish without saying well done and thank you to Sam for organising such fun, even whilst under a lot of stress!!! It was an excellent tournament, wonderfully run and it should definitely be going down as one of the best Apto tourneys of all time in my book

Ronan M H

Ronan M H And just to say, if you don't mind Sam, I'd be more than happy to revive this tourney in 2020!!

Luke Johnson-Davies

Luke Johnson-Davies Thank you everyone, especially to Sam for organising this fun (yet admittedly exhausting!) tournament, and to Johnny too for being such an exciting opponent in not one, but two, separate rounds! This will be a rather memorable tournament for me. ^_^

Tourney round: Apto World Snooker Championship: Final

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Notes from the organizer: Well, after 4 months and 11 days of competition, we are finally here at the final. I don't know how we got here, but we did, and the final will be a best of 35 contest between No.3 Seed Johnny Canuck and No.6 Seed Luke Johnson-Davies. The very best of luck to both.

Ran from: 29 June – 27 October 2019. Format: 9 Rounder. Matches: Best-of-35. Approved.

Organizers: Sam Prouse.

Fixtures: 1. Completed: 1.

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