James Rowan

James Rowan Knew I would forget something:

The preliminary round will consist of 10 rounds for the '___ attacks' rather than the usual 20. The 15R remains as normal.

The format is Single Elimination.

Jason Larsen

Jason Larsen This will give me an incentive to practice

Dan Byrom

Dan Byrom This will give me an incentive to revert my recent practice :P

Ronan M H

Ronan M H if you're wondering why I am here, Charlie let me come back on

Jason Larsen

Jason Larsen Please don't cheat

Ronan M H

Ronan M H I'd never cheat. This is probably my only opportunity left

Ronan M H

Ronan M H Please don't hate me as I am extremely sorry for my past actions

James Rowan

James Rowan Hi guys, as the start of the tourney is only a couple of weeks away, I should probably clarify that if you sign up with less than a week to go before the start, I'll just assess your past rating history instead of waiting for one week to pass by. I know there are plenty of you who fall into this category, would be good to see some more of you :)

James Rowan

James Rowan To all those playing fixtures: As there is different formats involved I can't manually add the fixtures. But these are your opponents for the prelims and the Round of 16. Your time frame to play them still remains the same. As always, any questions are welcome. Good luck!

(Part of the draw was rejigged due to a late entrant)


James Rowan

James Rowan Prelims:
Matt The Critic vs Keith C Williams
Fred W vs Gerard O'Shea
Ronan Higginson vs Ivan Dunt
Niall Waters vs Anthony Endsor
Steohen Holford vs Piaras M Carney
Reginald Thompson vs Matty Artell

Round 1:
(Matt/Keith) vs Andy SC
Phil Collinge vs (Fred/Gerard)
Jason Turner vs Fiona T
Brett Davids vs (Ronan/Ivan)
(Niall/Anthony) vs George Armstrong
Stephen Oldham vs (Stephen/Piaras)
Mich H vs Edward Ashcroft
Ian Volante vs (Reginald/Matty)

Ronan M H

Ronan M H Good to know. Thanks James :)

Fiona T

Fiona T How does it work James? Do we just play the games as normal challenges, and let you know the result? Or will that automagically happen?

James Rowan

James Rowan You will play the games as normal challenges and I will manually add them to the system.

Ronan M H

Ronan M H Do we start playing now?

Phil Collinge

Phil Collinge Just a suggestion James, might it be worthwhile scheduling each fixture with each of the four possible formats, then deleting those that weren't required?

Phil Collinge

Phil Collinge Also, a question... Does the first named player pick the format for second match as well as the first, or does player two pick second match?

James Rowan

James Rowan I can't schedule fixtures Phil as they're of different formats and the tournament system only lets you schedule a format of one type. Unless there's an agreement between both players, player 1 will schedule first. If 15R was one of the formats selected in your first 2 games and then it goes to a tie-break at 1-1, then let me know and I'll give you your randomised format for the 3rd leg of your match.

Phil Collinge

Phil Collinge Que pasa?

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Ronan M H

Ronan M H no es seguro

Ronan M H

Ronan M H Me olvidé totalmente de este torneo lol

Phil Collinge

Phil Collinge Are we to assume that this is now an ex-tournament?

Ronan M H

Ronan M H Probably

James Rowan

James Rowan I can understand why that would be the logical conclusion. The plan is to send out a few aptomails and kickstart this in the coming days, hopefully no more than a couple.

Tourney round: Intermediates' Championship - Summer 2019: Sign-Ups & Prelims

Notes from the organizer: Entry Requirements:
- Must have a rolling rating between 1000-1600 attained for a period of 1 week or more during the sign-up period, which ends at 8pm BST 22nd May.
- Trial players are ineligible to compete.
The Intermediates' Championship is open to any player compliant with the regulations above. The format is designed so that all-round skill is rewarded but the opportunity to play to your strengths to attempt an early lead is also provided.

Variant: Normal

Excluding the grand final, players will go against each other in a best of three, with the first two events being a format of the player's choosing. These options are as follows:

Letters Attack, Numbers Attack, Conundrum Attack, 15 Rounder

- Players may not choose the same format for the first two games. Who picks first will be randomly generated at the time of the first-round draws.

- Points will be defined by providing one point to the winner of the game, and not defined by the scores of the game itself. (e.g, a game of 100-75 will be considered 1-0)

- If the 15 Rounder has not been chosen and it is 1-1 going into the third game, the 15 Rounder must be the the format played.

- If the 15 Rounder *has* been chosen and it is 1-1 going into the third game, the tie-break will be the least frequently played option between both players over their previous tournament games. In the case of this happening in the Prelims or Round 1, it will be chosen at random.

Draw is at 8pm BST on May 22nd. Any questions feel free to ask. Best of luck!


Ran from: 22 May – 5 June 2019. Format: 15 Rounder. Matches: Best-of-3. Approved.

Organizers: James Rowan.

Fixtures: 3. Completed: 3.

Results and fixtures

Player 1Player 2Status
Matty ArtellReg Thompson110 – 40*, 145 – 158*, 85 – 46
Jason TurnerFiona T106 – 65, 91 – 80*
Mich HEdward Ashcroft83 – 87, 138 – 154*

Key. Green: winner. Red: loser. Grey: tie. Light green/red: provisional. White: unplayed.

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