Piaras M Carney

Piaras M Carney By the way, there is an extra spot in Division 5 for the highest-ranked of the new applicants, as there are currently 7 players there.

Fiona T

Fiona T For us (relative) noobs, can you explain a bit what this is, and whether it is a good thing for the very average player to sign up for?

Andy SC

Andy SC Works like the football does Fiona. i.e. promotions and relegations. I highly recommend it,

Piaras M Carney

Piaras M Carney Quick heads-up, the league begins at 12:30 p.m. tomorrow.

Spike Guthrie

Spike Guthrie Hi Piaras, will not be taking part in this cycle as it's a bit of a busy time. Best of luck to everyone else taking part- hope to return in Cycle 30 :)

Piaras M Carney

Piaras M Carney Thanks for letting me know, Spike (and for competing in the past two cycles as a whole). I hope to see you in Cycle 30 as well :)

Piaras M Carney

Piaras M Carney (By the way, this means there's a quick reshuffling of the League, and two automatic promotion places for the lower divisions, now that I've realised that 2 up/1 down will still leave 7 people in Division 2.)

Piaras M Carney

Piaras M Carney nvm, it'll start at 1 p.m. because I only woke up around 15 minutes ago :P

Piaras M Carney

Piaras M Carney Sign-ups closed. Fixtures will be added between now and about half past 1.

Piaras M Carney

Piaras M Carney Since there are now 6 players in Division 5, and 5 new sign-ups, I've decided to make Division 5 into two groups, one with 5 players and one with 6. More info soon.

Zarte Siempre

Zarte Siempre Have you taken into account Jason's suspension?

Piaras M Carney

Piaras M Carney No idea that ever happened

Piaras M Carney

Piaras M Carney I haven't been on the site that much recently due to exams

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Piaras M Carney

Piaras M Carney Draws for the now 5-player groups in Division 5 will be made at 3 p.m., then the fixtures will be added

Piaras M Carney

Piaras M Carney Tables are here [link]

Stephen Holford

Stephen Holford Oy Piaras stop putting yourself above me in the league when I've got more points lol

Piaras M Carney

Piaras M Carney Oh yeah, forgot to sort it :P

Tracey Mills

Tracey Mills I will be around Thursday or Friday so I will try and get my games finished.

Tourney round: The Apto-Tude League: Cycle 29

<< Cycle 28: Playoffs: Part II: Electric Boogaloo | Cycle 29: Playoffs >>

Notes from the organizer: After a crafty little bug on my laptop locked me out of my account for the past week, it has now been squished/swatted/let out the window/sprayed. (Thanks to Charlie for responding quickly)

So, this is the cycle where the places in Divisions 1+2 become on par with the rest of them.
To demonstrate, here is an extremely unconvoluted and uncomplicated little diagram, which I put together in about 30 seconds:
(Division 1)
1st-6th: nothing
7th: relegation playoff vs 2nd in D2
(Division 2)
1st: automatic promotion
2nd: promotion playoff vs 7th in D1
7th: relegation playoff vs 2nd in D3
(Divisions 3 to the lowest one)
1st: promotion
2nd: promotion playoff vs 8th in Division n-1
(this one applies to D3 down to the 2nd-lowest one)
8th: relegation playoff vs 2nd in Division n+1

Hopefully that didn't confuse anybody too much.


As always, play your games (or at least make an effort to organise them), eat your greens, stay in school, pay your taxes, wear your seatbelt, and don't throw coconuts onto a football pitch.


Ran from: 6 May – 21 June 2019. Format: 15 Rounder. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Piaras M Carney.

Signed up: Jason Larsen, Ivan Dunt, Keith C Williams, Fiona T, Reginald Thompson, Matt The Critic, Ronan M Higginson.

Fixtures: 118. Completed: 90.

Results and fixtures

NotesPlayer 1Player 2Status
Division 1Hazel DruryBradley Horrocks109 – 91
Division 1James HaughtonBradley Horrocks107 – 127
Division 1James HaughtonHazel Drury96 – 121
Division 1Bradley HorrocksJim M101 – 102
Division 1Hazel DruryJim M75 – 102
Division 1James HaughtonJim M77 – 106
Division 1Robin MBradley Horrocks134 – 124
Division 1Robin MHazel Drury94 – 102
Division 1Robin MJames Haughton84 – 111
Division 1Robin MJim M96 – 101
Division 1Thomas CareyBradley HorrocksUnplayed
Division 1Thomas CareyHazel DruryUnplayed
Division 1Thomas CareyJames HaughtonUnplayed
Division 1Thomas CareyJim MUnplayed
Division 1Robin MThomas CareyUnplayed
Division 1Zarte SiempreBradley Horrocks104 – 75
Division 1Zarte SiempreHazel Drury106 – 89
Division 1Zarte SiempreJames Haughton95 – 82
Division 1Zarte SiempreJim M113 – 87
Division 1Robin MZarte Siempre71 – 111
Division 1Thomas CareyZarte SiempreUnplayed
Division 2Alex HEddy Byrne111 – 105
Division 2Ian VolanteAlex H99 – 78
Division 2Ian VolanteEddy Byrne97 – 85
Division 2James HurrellAlex H93 – 99
Division 2James HurrellEddy ByrneUnplayed
Division 2Ian VolanteJames Hurrell90 – 117
Division 2Alex HPatrick Thompson75 – 116
Division 2Eddy ByrnePatrick Thompson130 – 88
Division 2Ian VolantePatrick Thompson60 – 99
Division 2James HurrellPatrick Thompson91 – 80
Division 2Alex HSean FletcherUnplayed
Division 2Eddy ByrneSean FletcherUnplayed
Division 2Ian VolanteSean Fletcher84 – 101
Division 2James HurrellSean Fletcher87 – 114
Division 2Sean FletcherPatrick Thompson93 – 83
Division 2Alex HTracey Mills100 – 76
Division 2Tracey MillsEddy Byrne75 – 116
Division 2Ian VolanteTracey Mills41 – 120
Division 2James HurrellTracey MillsUnplayed
Division 2Tracey MillsPatrick Thompson91 – 70
Division 2Tracey MillsSean FletcherUnplayed
Division 3Anthony EndsorAndy SC94 – 62
Division 3Brett DavidsAndy SC110 – 82
Division 3Anthony EndsorBrett Davids74 – 130
Division 3Andy SCEdward Ashcroft72 – 83
Division 3Anthony EndsorEdward Ashcroft106 – 71
Division 3Brett DavidsEdward Ashcroft79 – 78
Division 3Jason TurnerAndy SC108 – 64
Division 3Jason TurnerAnthony Endsor73 – 111
Division 3Jason TurnerBrett DavidsUnplayed
Division 3Jason TurnerEdward Ashcroft87 – 101
Division 3Matt CroyAndy SC119 – 85
Division 3Matt CroyAnthony Endsor140 – 62
Division 3Matt CroyBrett Davids105 – 77
Division 3Matt CroyEdward Ashcroft96 – 59
Division 3Jason TurnerMatt Croy59 – 132
Division 3Matty ArtellAndy SC121 – 40
Division 3Anthony EndsorMatty Artell59 – 100
Division 3Brett DavidsMatty Artell86 – 100
Division 3Matty ArtellEdward Ashcroft110 – 97
Division 3Jason TurnerMatty Artell93 – 73
Division 3Matt CroyMatty Artell130 – 57
Division 3Andy SCSteve Anderson63 – 99
Division 3Anthony EndsorSteve Anderson79 – 86
Division 3Brett DavidsSteve Anderson82 – 94
Division 3Steve AndersonEdward Ashcroft99 – 93
Division 3Jason TurnerSteve Anderson64 – 110
Division 3Matt CroySteve Anderson95 – 86
Division 3Matty ArtellSteve Anderson100 – 84
Division 4James RowanDerek MatthewsUnplayed
Division 4Keith C WilliamsDerek Matthews87 – 50
Division 4Keith C WilliamsJames Rowan66 – 115
Division 4Luke Johnson-DaviesDerek MatthewsUnplayed
Division 4James RowanLuke Johnson-Davies98 – 97
Division 4Keith C WilliamsLuke Johnson-Davies76 – 131
Division 4Mich HDerek Matthews84 – 54
Division 4James RowanMich H100 – 75
Division 4Keith C WilliamsMich H82 – 92
Division 4Luke Johnson-DaviesMich H124 – 73
Division 4Piaras M CarneyDerek MatthewsUnplayed
Division 4James RowanPiaras M Carney101 – 97
Division 4Keith C WilliamsPiaras M Carney95 – 76
Division 4Luke Johnson-DaviesPiaras M Carney138 – 79
Division 4Piaras M CarneyMich H77 – 65
Division 4Ross JeffriesDerek MatthewsUnplayed
Division 4James RowanRoss JeffriesUnplayed
Division 4Keith C WilliamsRoss JeffriesUnplayed
Division 4Luke Johnson-DaviesRoss JeffriesUnplayed
Division 4Ross JeffriesMich HUnplayed
Division 4Piaras M CarneyRoss Jeffries91 – 62
Division 4Stephen HolfordDerek Matthews119 – 49
Division 4James RowanStephen Holford93 – 75
Division 4Keith C WilliamsStephen Holford68 – 89
Division 4Luke Johnson-DaviesStephen Holford130 – 50
Division 4Mich HStephen Holford101 – 87
Division 4Piaras M CarneyStephen Holford61 – 109
Division 4Ross JeffriesStephen HolfordUnplayed
Division 5ADan ByromIan BirdmanUnplayed
Division 5AJack SlaneDan ByromUnplayed
Division 5AJack SlaneIan BirdmanUnplayed
Division 5ADan ByromReginald Thompson78 – 98
Division 5AIan BirdmanReginald Thompson143 – 112
Division 5AJack SlaneReginald Thompson80 – 86
Division 5ADan ByromRonan M Higginson81 – 110
Division 5AIan BirdmanRonan M Higginson114 – 65
Division 5AJack SlaneRonan M Higginson131 – 73
Division 5AReginald ThompsonRonan M Higginson112 – 106
Division 5BIvan DuntFiona T71 – 85
Division 5BJon WilfordFiona TUnplayed
Division 5BIvan DuntJon WilfordUnplayed
Division 5BFiona TJoseph H53 – 109
Division 5BIvan DuntJoseph H42 – 104
Division 5BJon WilfordJoseph HUnplayed
Division 5BFiona TMatt The Critic79 – 102
Division 5BIvan DuntMatt The Critic69 – 110
Division 5BJon WilfordMatt The CriticUnplayed
Division 5BJoseph HMatt The Critic117 – 100

Key. Green: winner. Red: loser. Grey: tie. Light green/red: provisional. White: unplayed.

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