Andy SC

Andy SC 15th seed John Beresford advances through to the final with an aggregate win of 136-118 over 2nd seed Hazel Drury. This is notable Hazel's 4th successive defeat in the Semi Final, hopefully this streak will be broken someday.

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John Beresford

John Beresford It was a conundrum shoot-out on both games. There's no margin for error in the 9-round format. Well played Hazel.

Andy SC

Andy SC Agreed, John. You have to be on the ball in 9-round format.

Hazel Drury

Hazel Drury Thanks John, Good Luck in the final! :) And thanks for organising, Andy! :)

Andy SC

Andy SC Your welcome, Hazel.

Andy SC

Andy SC 20th seed Callum Todd advances through to the Final with an aggregate win of 138-108 over 4th seed Jim Michael.

Tourney round: Everything Counts VI : Semi FInal

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Ran from: 22 – 29 March 2019. Format: 9 Rounder. Matches: Best-of-2. Approved.

Organizers: Andy SC.

Fixtures: 2. Completed: 2.

Results and fixtures

Player 1Player 2Status
Callum ToddJim M74 – 46, 64 – 62
John BeresfordHazel Drury67 – 64, 69 – 54

Key. Green: winner. Red: loser. Grey: tie. Light green/red: provisional. White: unplayed.

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