Callum Todd

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Elizabeth Beer

Elizabeth Beer Can somebody please explain why my game with Robin got decided in his favour, yet all the other fixtures for the same round are still active?

Elizabeth Beer

Elizabeth Beer Apart from the withdrawal...

Callum Todd

Callum Todd Hi Elizabeth.

Why your game was decided: the deadline for that round had passed.

Why in Robin's favour: He has been more active than you in TGAHO tourney games.

Why other games at that round haven't been decided yet: 2 of those fixtures were only created at the same moment as yours was decided, as they were dependent on previous fixtures, which were decided at the same time as yours was. The other I have opted not to decide on just yet as the path for that game leads to a match with an as yet undecided opponent. If the other match is played first, it will be decided upon immediately.

All of this is perfectly in keeping with the norm for tournaments on apterous.

Elizabeth Beer

Elizabeth Beer Rather rude not to inform me personally

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Callum Todd

Callum Todd I'm sorry you feel that way.

These tournaments take a lot of time to organise and maintain, and your game was one of many decided on at the same time. The deadline has been publically available since before the tournaments were even announced, so the information from which this eventuality was easily deducible had been open to you for weeks prior to its occurrence. Personally I believe this means you were already 'informed' of this. However I can understand why some people may disagree and if your perspective differs to mine then I respect that.

I hope this experience hasn't spoiled your view of apterous tournaments and hope you participate in more in the future and enjoy them.

Best wishes.

Andy SC

Andy SC In Elizabeth's defence, the deadlines were a bit confusing to understand and several others have detailed this, as they thought the deadline was what the end date was on the tournament page and possibly never thought they would be on the spreadsheets. Nevertheless, these tournaments have been bloody good fun.

Callum Todd

Callum Todd I also aptomailed everyone a week in advance of the deadline specifying the deadline. If people didn't read that aptomail, or the spreadsheet, that's fine. But nobody can say the information wasn't available to them.

Andy SC

Andy SC Aye that certainly is true.

Keith C Williams

Keith C Williams As one who had matches decided against him in a similar fashion to Elizabeth, I agree the deadline could have been clearer on the tournament page itself, although I suppose that is a factor of having all of the various tournaments of different types "linked" rather than successive rounds. Although the aptomails were fair, maybe a list of deadlines in the notes would make things a little clearer for those of us who are more scatterbrained :)

In any case, just a small bit of feedback, which I hope does not undermine the kudos for putting together such a massive (and much-appreciated) undertaking, Callum!

Tourney round: The Great Apterous Hyper Off: Hyperlock Numbers Attack tourney

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Notes from the organizer: Part of The Great Apterous Hyper Off.

For more info see the Introduction page or [apterous link]

Ran from: 17 March – 22 May 2019. Format: Hyperlock Numbers Attack. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Callum Todd.

Signed up: Ian Volante, Keith C Williams, Robin M, Chris Butler, John Beresford, Sean Fletcher, Andy SC, Aidan L, Sam Shepherd, Elizabeth Beer.

Fixtures: 10. Completed: 10.

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