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lots of hyper tourneys starting in two weeks. can play as many or as few as you like. progress in all will contribute towards an overall standings table.

kicks off with opening ceremony weakest link tourney at 8pm on Saturday 16th March.

Schedule, and eventually standings, at [link]

Callum Todd

Callum Todd sign-ups on this page are just to indiciate your general interest. it will lead to me aptomailing you with reminders of upcoming tourneys and challenges over the coming months. it does not oblige you to take part in any tournament.

Callum Todd

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Tourney round: The Great Apterous Hyper Off: Introduction and sign-up page

Hyper Conundrum Attack tourney >>

Notes from the organizer: Hello. Starting on the 16th March 2019, The Great Apterous Hyper Off will commence. Let me tell you a few things about it.

The Great Apterous Hyper Off will be a series of tournaments and challenges taking place over the 10 weeks from 17th March to 25th May. At the end of the 10 weeks, the 8 players with the most points accrued from performance in the tournaments and challenges will be invited into the Grand Finals stage, where they will play off in a Hyper 15 bracket to determine the Great Apterous Hyper Off champion.

Details about the tournaments and challenges, and the points scoring system will follow below, but first: a little bit of basic info about the Great Apterous Hyper Off:

The purpose of the Great Apterous Hyper Off is to encourage more players to take up Hyper variants. I believe these are the most fun and challenging variants on apterous, and think it would be great if more people played them. The standard of play in the 'Normal' variant has soared throughout apterous history, and I think the standard of play in the Hyper variants can do so too if people take it up. I ran a massive complicated series of tournaments similar to this a few years ago called Hyper Winter. This event will be a little more straightforward than its predecessor, although the essence of it remains the same.


The Great Apterous Hyper Off will be kicked off with an 'Opening Ceremony' at 8pm UK time on the evening of Saturday 16th March. This will be a Weakest Link style tournament, except with only Hyper variants allowed. The Opening Ceremony will offer a generous pot of ranking points (copyright Ronnie O'Sullivan, 2019) for the overall standings.

From the very next day after the Opening Ceremony, Sunday 17th March, the initial 10 week period will begin, and shall be divided into two sections: Tournaments and Challenges.

There will be a total of 20 tournaments running simulatenously over the course of the 10 weeks from March 17th to May 25th. You may enter as many as or little of these tournaments as you wish. Depending on the number of entrants, you will have either three or four weeks to play your games in the intial rounds of the tournament, with 2 weeks for each of the finals stages should you get that far. You will be awarded ranking points towards the overall standings dependent on your performance in these tournaments.

There shall also be Challenge periods. The first two weeks (17th March - 30th March) of the Challenges will be in the Hyper variant. The third and fourth weeks (31st March - 13th April) will be in Hypergoat. The fifth and sixth weeks (14th April - 27th April) will be in Hypertouch. The seventh and eighth weeks (28th April - 11th May) will be in Hyper Unlimited. The ninth week (12th May - 18th May) will be in Hyper Nasty. The tenth and final week (19th May - 25th May) will be in Hyperlock.

During these Challenge periods, you shall be challenged to attain the best points total and maximums total you can in ANY high-score format in the variant for which it is the current period. You may play as many games as you like during the period of the relevant variant. Submit your best efforts as you go along, and all entries will be ranked and rewarded with points. There will be bonus points on offer for equalling or breaking a high score, and also bonus points for pencils. I still believe that due to how few people have played them, some of the records in Hyper formats are sitting ducks on here so I hope to see a few records tumble during this tournament.

After the 10 weeks, the 8 players with the highest numbres of points gained through tournaments, challenges, and bonuses will be put into a Quarter Finals draw for a straight Hyper 15 tournament to decide the Grand Champion.


TL;DR and basic information for interested competitors will be put in a brief comment on this tourney page. For full details, see below:


Schedule and points scoring system: [link]

Any questions please ask. Let's get hypering.

Ran from: 3 – 17 March 2019. Format: Hyper 15. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Callum Todd.

Fixtures: 0. Completed: 0.

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