Chris Butler

Chris Butler Ooh, I was wondering if this would make a proper appearance this year. So the final will be named R24 this year then?

Matthew Tassier

Matthew Tassier Yep, this is now officially in, round 24 will now be the destination for the lucky final 3!

Gevin Chapwell

Gevin Chapwell With Prune always scoring zero and everyone's scores being basically guaranteed to be a multiple of 10, the total score tiebreak is likely to be important here.

Tony Atkins

Tony Atkins I don't mind if I lag out on a hard one but it lagged on the declaration of the easiest one of the lot...

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Matthew Tassier

Matthew Tassier Ouch, that's a nasty one Tony.

Keith C Williams

Keith C Williams Matthew, I like how you mention how many players will ultimately make this stage (with several TBD, pending results from previous rounds). Might I request you do that regularly? It might help put minds at some ease after a particularly tough set :)

Matthew Tassier

Matthew Tassier Cool, will try to. For accuracy's sake, this round will actually feature 19 players, but that doesn't trip off the tongue as easily as "top 20".

Neil Collins

Neil Collins good luck everyone left!

Norm Ahmad

Norm Ahmad ditto!

Tourney round: Weakest Link Numbers Tournament 2019: Round 16 - Berserk

<< Round 15 - Aegilops | Round 17 - Octorock >>

Notes from the organizer: The reward for confirming your place in the top 20 this year is to play in round 16 in the rather crazy one-second-per-round Berserk numbers attack format. Kindly, Prune will be your opponent for this round. Make sure you are ready with CTRL + Space or clicking the target to get a declaration in within the one second of the round.
The two lowest scoring players in this round will leave the tournament. If there is a tie for lowest scores then the total score in the tournament so far will be the deciding factor between tied players (see notes by matches).
Good luck!

Ran from: 1 – 14 March 2019. Format: Berserk Numbers Attack. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Matthew Tassier.

Fixtures: 19. Completed: 19.

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