Andy SC

Andy SC Sign-ups are still open for another 2 weeks.

Johnny Canuck

Johnny Canuck Why is the number of accepted people declining?

Andy SC

Andy SC I just did a quick check this morning to see if everybody was still trial members or accounts were not deactivated. When doing this I noticed that Thomas Carey had become a trial member so I have provisionally revoked his sign-up but will accept again when or if he subscribes.

Andy SC

Andy SC Sign-ups close tomorrow at midnight, so if you wish to participate then you will need to sign-up before then.

Andy SC

Andy SC Sign-ups close tomorrow at midnight, so if you wish to participate then you will need to sign-up before then.

Tourney round: Everything Counts VI : Sign-up page

Round Robin Stage. >>

Notes from the organizer: Welcome to the sign-up page for Everything Counts VI. Please read the following information so you know exactly what Everything Counts VI will involve before you sign-up.

If you enjoy playing in tournaments and playing lots of games then Everything Counts VI will be the tournament for you.

Will anybody join Callum Todd (x2), Zarte Siempre and Elliott Mellor (x2) and win their maiden Everything Counts title or will one of these three win another title, only time will tell.

Everything Counts VI will start with the usual Round Robin stage. All games in the round robin stage will be 9-rounders. The Round Robin stage will start on the 5th January and conclude on 15h February (6 weeks). Unlimited sign-ups will be allowed but if the number of sign-ups gets ridiculously high players will be split into two groups but one overall table will be maintained. In the Round Robin stage everybody will play everybody else that signs-up. So many players will advance to the Knockout Stages once the Round Robin stage is completed. The number of players advancing to the Knockout Stages will depend on how many players sign-up.

The Knockout Stage will consist of the usual two legged ties (like the Champions League Knockout Stage). From the First Round of the Knockout Stage to the Semi Final all ties will consist of two 9-rounder games. The player that appears in the first column will be at home in the first game and the other player will be at home in the other game. The aggregate score will be used to decide who advances to the next round. If the aggregate score is level the player with the highest away score will advance. If players are still tied after the away scores total maxes across the two games will be used. If players are still tied the fastest conundrum solve shall be used to decide the winner. The Grand Final will consist of a best-of-5 15-rounder match to decide who will be crowned champion of Everything Counts VI.

If you sign-up please have the intention to play your games. With the volume of games there will be to play it would be advisable that you are a full member. When you get down to say a few games to play perhaps try using aptomail to find a suitable time to play the game. If you feel somebody is stopping you from complete your games or something along this lines then please inform me via aptomail and I will deal with it in a suitable way.

So if you sign-up please enjoy the tournament and may the best player win. If you have any questions regarding the tournament then please drop me an aptomail and I will answer you question as soon as I possibly can.

Kind regards,
Andy SC

Ran from: 16 December 2018 – 5 January 2019. Format: 9 Rounder. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Andy SC.

Signed up: Ian Volante, James Hurrell, Alex H, Matthew Tassier, Jason Turner, Paul James, Johnny Canuck, Emily Cox, Keith C Williams, Robin M, Thomas Carey, Matt Moody, Jack Worsley, Judith Young, Mark Murray, John Beresford, Tricia Lockhart, Anthony Endsor, Jack Slane, Luke Johnson-Davies, Callum Todd, Eddy Byrne, Brett Davids, Patrick Thompson, Matty Artell, Andy SC, James Haughton, Tim Down, Piaras M Carney, Hazel Drury, Dan Byrom, Steve Anderson, Toby McDonald, Ian Birdman, Fred W, Jonny D, Ross Jeffries, Mich H, Spike Guthrie, Stephen Holford, Derek Matthews, Oliver Bowden, Edward Ashcroft, Sam Shepherd, James Wynde, Jim M, Cammy L-, Chris Anthony, Fiona T, Reg Thompson, Adam Driscoll..

Fixtures: 0. Completed: 0.

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