Sam Prouse

Sam Prouse R2 is now up, bot is Waldorf, Deadline is the 13th Dec. [link]

Tourney round: Conundrums Conundrums Conundrums: Round 2: Junior

<< Round 1: Nice | Round 3: Goatdown >>

Notes from the organizer: Round One was Nice, and now Round Two will be Junior.

All these conundrums are 7 letters long, now you may think that it may be easier, however i have found that Jr cons can be deceptively difficult, so just bear that in mind.

Still very early on in the tournament, so plenty of time for everyone to show what they can do. Good luck in this round in the meantime.

Ran from: 2 – 14 December 2018. Format: Junior Conundrum Attack. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Sam Prouse.

Fixtures: 30. Completed: 28.

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