Bradley Horrocks

Bradley Horrocks Great idea Martin.

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Rhys Benjamin

Rhys Benjamin Wow, thanks... not sure I deserve the recognition if anything!

Thomas Carey

Thomas Carey might be worth messaging the other invitees? wouldn't want anyone to miss out

Martin Hurst

Martin Hurst They've all been messaged :)

Spike Guthrie

Spike Guthrie Might be good to Facebook a few of the folks, though I made an assumption Martin has done so via aptomail, as I echo Thomas' sentiment.

Callum Todd

Callum Todd I competed in Series 75 under the pseudonym Amber Farrington can I play?

Tourney round: Alternative CoC: Sign-ups

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Notes from the organizer: Open to all teapot winners on Countdown who won at least 1 game between series 73 and 78 who aren't participating in the forthcoming CoC.

Games will be normal 15 rounders and will be in a bracket format with the draw made completely at random on Sunday 12th August.

Those eligible to enter include the following - please don't be offended if you are eligible and I have missed you! You still have to be sign up to be included, even if you are on the list below:

Series 73: Liam Moloney, Matty Artell, Rhys Benjamin, Hazel Drury, Nathan Pace

Series 74: Robin McKay, Conrad Teixeira, Dave Costello, Tim Down, David Armstrong

Series 75: Stephen Fuller, Aidan Linge, Cammy Lovatt, Norm Ahmad

Series 76: James Slater, Lawrie Collingwood, Richard Hayward, Suzy Turner, Dave Ryan

Series 77: Eoin Jackson, Phil Peel, Ben Leyburn, Nikki Saarsteiner, Steve Anderson

Series 78: Toby McDonald, George Armstrong, Jacob Coventry-Peters, Jason Palmer, Mohsin Shabir

Ran from: 29 July – 11 August 2018. Format: 15 Rounder. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Martin Hurst.

Fixtures: 0. Completed: 0.

This website is not endorsed by or affiliated with Channel 4, the makers of Countdown, or any person associated with the aforementioned in any way whatsoever at all, never has been, never will be, and moreover is proud not to be. Yep.

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