Sam Prouse

Sam Prouse [link]

Jamie French

Jamie French How long will we have for each round? I won't be able to play until 20th August.

Sam Prouse

Sam Prouse Each round will be open for 1 week, if any games are unplayed then that player(s) will score 0 for that round.

Jamie French

Jamie French With round one starting on/ just after 14th August?

Sam Prouse

Sam Prouse Yep, probably will kick off on the 15/16th

Jamie French

Jamie French Brill, I'll be able to get R1 in then. Thanks Sam

Tricia Lockhart

Tricia Lockhart Approximate end date? Some of my travelling will mean no internet.

Sam Prouse

Sam Prouse well each round shall take a week, so last round should finish early October i'd imagine.

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Bradley Horrocks

Bradley Horrocks You could always start it earlier and add any new sign-ups to the first round as they appear

Sam Prouse

Sam Prouse True, but it would meant they would have less time to complete their game as each round is only open for a week, so think i'll just keep i as it is for now. Will consider that as an idea for CCC, just will need to plan it out a bit more.

Sam Prouse

Sam Prouse Sign Ups close today, so last chance if you want to enter.

Gevin Chapwell

Gevin Chapwell How does this tournament actually work? What happens after we've played the 7 rounds?

Sam Prouse

Sam Prouse Most points wins, see link for how points are given out.

Tourney round: Numbers Numbers Numbers: Sign-Up Page

Round 1: Junior >>

Notes from the organizer: Well, here we go again, it is time for part 2 of this little trilogy of tournaments. We've had the letters for starter, now it is time for the main course of numbers.

However, this tourney will work slightly differently to LLL. Instead of it being H v H in a straight knockout, this time each one of you that signs up will be playing each of the 7 rounds of this tournament against a different bot, and of course, each round will be a different variant.

I will provide a link here to give an overview of the rounds, bots and how the points will be distributed across each round.

I will allow unlimited sign-ups for this tournament, so enter if you fancy the challenge!

Good luck to all of you who do sign-up, and let Numbers Numbers Numbers commence!


Ran from: 28 July – 14 August 2018. Format: Numbers Attack. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Sam Prouse.

Fixtures: 0. Completed: 0.

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