Chris Butler

Chris Butler Presumably there's going to be a run of rounds where 3 get eliminated, otherwise at the current rate, there will be 8 players in the final. Or is the format changing this year?

Matthew Tassier

Matthew Tassier Yes, there will be some rounds where 3 people leave coming up soon, keep an eye on the Notes. I think the current rate leaves 6 in the final though?

Chris Butler

Chris Butler If there will be 22 rounds altogether I make it 8.

Since 49 started, 1 out in R1, 2 x 21 eliminated in the subsequent rounds, 1 winner. That's 44 players, so the extra 5 have to be eliminated somehow, else there'd be 5 extra players in the final ie 8

Chris Butler

Chris Butler Doh, 23 rounds, there's my error. yes 6 in final

Tracey Mills

Tracey Mills Thanks for organising Matthew

Matthew Tassier

Matthew Tassier You're welcome Tracey, but don't give up yet ... still a chance you'll make it through to the next round.

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Ian Volante

Ian Volante More chance than I've got certainly.

Chris Butler

Chris Butler Au contraire, I'd say you both have an equal chance, namely 100%!

Ian Volante

Ian Volante Can't see more than one person below me.

Sean Fletcher

Sean Fletcher Eddy missed the deadline so essentially scores 0

Ian Volante

Ian Volante Ah, lucky me!

Tourney round: Weakest Link Numbers Tournament 2018: Round 9 - Octorock

<< Round 8 - Touch Junior | Round 10 - Touchdown >>

Notes from the organizer: Round nine will be in Octorock format played against Apterous Waldorf. Large numbers are 10 and 20 and Waldorf likes to pick 1 large, which may well not be your favoured selection, and performs erratically. There's every chance that you may get a round or two where it's impossible to score ... just bad luck I'm afraid.
The two lowest scoring players in this round will leave the tournament. If there is a tie for lowest scores then margin of victory/defeat will be taken into account amongst tied players followed, if necessary, by total score in the tournament so far (see notes by matches).
Good luck!

Ran from: 6 – 18 February 2018. Format: Octorock Numbers Attack. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Matthew Tassier.

Fixtures: 33. Completed: 33.

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