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Phil Collinge With just one week before entries close. cut-offs for seeding brackets are presently as follows : Top 2, 4th ; Top 4, 15th ; Top 8, 47th ; Top 16, 75th.

Tourney round: Apterous Seniors Championship 2018: Sign-up Page

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Notes from the organizer: The Apterous Seniors Championship is open to all players aged 40 or above as of 31st December 2017, therefore this year we welcome 1977 births.

Format : Matches are Standard 15 Rounder and will be a straight knockout, seeded by Pro-Rank at the closing date for entries.

All matches will be best of 3 until the Quarter-Finals onwards which will then be best of 5.

Seedings : Players will be seeded based on Pro-Ranks issued Monday 15th January 2018, with the exception of defending Champion Marcus Hares who will be seeded 1st.

Any players with a lapsed Pro-Rank will be placed at the foot of the seeding list, ordered by peak Pro-Rank. If this is still tied, preference will be given to the most recent occurrence.

The Draw : Closing date for entries is Sunday 14th January 2018, with the draw being made in the early hours of Monday 15th January 2018 and published later that day.

Schedule : Each round will last for two weeks maximum, at which point adjudications will be made on any unplayed matches. It is in your own interests to communicate timeously with your opponent and myself in this respect.

Should entries exceed 32 (31 last year) the deadlines below will each extend by 7 days to accommodate any Last 64 fixtures.

Entries close 14th January 2018
Last 32 closes 28th January 2018
Last 16 closes 11th February 2018
Quarter-Finals close 25th February 2018
Semi-Finals close 11th March 2018
Final closes 25th March 2018

Eligibility : As usual, players who are either unwilling or unable to confirm their identity and/or birthdate (if required) will not be accepted for this tournament. This caveat is included to protect the integrity of the competition and will not be (and has not been) required in most cases.

Glory Roll :

2015 Marcus Hares
2016 John Beresford
2017 Marcus Hares

Ran from: 28 December 2017 – 14 January 2018. Format: 15 Rounder. Matches: Best-of-3. Approved.

Organizers: Phil Collinge.

Fixtures: 0. Completed: 0.

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