Martin Hurst


1) Sean Fletcher 210 (25 points)
2) Martin Hurst 198 (18 points)
3) Jamie French 195.5 (15 points)
4) Matthew Tassier 188 (12 points)
5) Phil Collinge 168 (10 points)
6) Zarte Siempre 165.5 (8 points)
7) Tim Down 163 (6 points)
8) Jon Wilford 153 (4 points)
9) Robin M 130 (2 points)
10) Dave Noble 111 (1 point)

Martin Hurst

Martin Hurst Championship standing after 19 of 20 rounds

Matthew Tassier 269.61
Sean Fletcher 240.04
Zarte Siempre 232.54
Chris Butler 175.04
Stephen R 140.43
Thomas Cappleman 127.61
Tim Down 123.5
Jamie French 100.5
Ben Andrews 85.43
Phil Collinge 77.04
Dave Noble 60.54
Gevin Chapwell 54.11
Rahul Suresh 44
Martin Hurst 36
Jon Wilford 33.11
Thomas Carey 25
Sean D 24
Marcus Hares 23
Noel McIlvenny 13
Robin M 12
Andy SC 7.5
Elliott Mellor 6
Dan Byrom 5
Johnny Canuck 4
Chris Marshall 1
Christopher Miller 1

Well done to Matthew for securing the title with a race still to go! The last event (Abu Dhabi) is between 20/11/17 and 26/11/17 and will be in the Hyper format with the race against Velvet.

Matthew Tassier

Matthew Tassier Thanks Martin!

Tourney round: Formula One Large - Event 19 - Brazil: Main Race

<< Qualifying

Notes from the organizer: Instant Numbers Attack against Soap.

Instant rules: normal, but instant.

The additional actual race points earned in qualifying will be added to your actual race score for a final total, which will determine the final grand prix standings (for example, if someone who is outright first in qualifying scores 170 in the actual race, his total will be 20 (for qualifying) + 170 (actual race score) = 190)

Points will then be allocated at the end of each grand prix the same way Formula 1 points are allocated: 1st place - 25 points; 2nd -18; 3rd - 15; 4th -12; 5th - 10; 6th - 8; 7th - 6; 8th - 4; 9th - 2; 10th – 1. The person with the highest number of accumulated points at the end of the season will be declared the champion!

You don’t have to have finished in the top 20, or even participated at all, in qualifying to enter the actual race, but obviously you will be at a disadvantage as you won’t have any additional points to start with.

Anyone who earned additional points in qualifying will be automatically added to the main race fixtures. Anyone of these does not take part in the actual race will be adjudged to have “crashed” in the race.

Ties (after taking into account the additional race points earned from qualifying) will be determined firstly by points scored in the actual race alone, secondly by number of maxes in the actual race, thirdly by number of maxes in qualifying, and finally (unless it is a max game) by the lowest bot opponent score in the actual race. Positions (and grand prix points) will be shared if still a tie.

Qualifying results
1st - 200 – 20 additional race pts – Sean Fletcher
T2nd – 170 – 18 additional race pts – Phil Collinge, Matthew Tassier, Martin Hurst
T5th – 160 – 15.5 additional race pts – Zarte Siempre, Jamie French
T7th – 150 – 13 additional race pts – Jon Wilford, Sean D, Tim Down
10th – 120 - 11 additional race pts – Dave Noble
11th – 110 – 10 additional race pts – Robin M
12th – 50 - 9 additional race pts – Andy SC
Only 12 competed in qualifying

Ran from: 11 – 12 November 2017. Format: Instant Numbers Attack. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Martin Hurst.

Fixtures: 10. Completed: 10.

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