Andy SC

Andy SC The Round Robin stage will start on the 25th September.

Tim Down

Tim Down This is going to be some round robin.

Andy SC

Andy SC It sure will be some round robin, Tim.

Andy SC


I have made the decision to cap the number of players in the tournament at 64 players because I feel it is a nice round number to deal with. So if you wish to sign up you have until the end of the day on the 25th September to sign up or when 64 players have entered the tournament, whatever comes first. If 64 players sign up before the deadline, then fixtures will start as soon as possible.

Judith Young

Judith Young Count me in then!

Andy SC

Andy SC ok Judith, will just need you to click the sign me up button, just for it to be official.

Andy SC

Andy SC Only two more spaces available.

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Andy SC

Andy SC Only one space is in left in the tournament now.

Liam O

Liam O 2016 games in the first round.

Tim Down

Tim Down Could split into two round robin groups?

Andy SC

Andy SC I am intending to keep it as one group.

Andy SC

Andy SC The 64 player limit as been reached so sign ups are closed, i will get fixtures up and running shortly.

Tourney round: Everything Counts IV: Sign-ups Page

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Notes from the organizer: Do you like Countdown? Do you like playing lots of games of Countdown? Do you like tournament play? Well then this tournament is the ideal tournament for you.

It is time for the fourth installment of Everything Counts, having previously ran for 3 installments and won by Callum Todd twice and Zarte Siempre in the last installment.

The format will remain unchanged from the last installment but for those that can't remember the format or don't know what the format is, well here it is:

1. Each player that enters the tournament will play every other player that enters in one massive Round Robin style tournament and each game will be played to the 9 round format.

2. Players will score points as follows: 4 Points for a win, 2 Points for a draw, 1 Bonus Point for scoring 70+ in any game and 1 Bonus Point for losing by 10 or less points in any game.

3. After the deadline for completing the Round Robin stage has passed the players with the most points will advance to the Knockout Stages. The number of players that advance to the Knockout Stage will depend on how many players enter the tournament. It will probably be 16 or 24 players that advance to the Knockout Stage.

4. The knockout stage will work to the following format from the first knockout to the semi final:
4.1. Each match will be played to the 9 round format from the first knockout round to the semi final.

4.2. Each match will be played over a two legged format with the player achieving the highest combined score advancing to the next round.

4.3. If a tie happens over the two legs then the player with the highest 'away' score will advance to the next round. The player who is home in the first leg will be determined by whoever appears in left column of the Apterous Tournament Fixture System and the other player will be at home in the second leg of the tie.

4.4. The final will be played to the 15 round format over the best-of-5, instead of best-of-3 like last time.

Sign-ups will last from the 7th September to the 24th September.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Andy SC

Ran from: 7 – 16 September 2017. Format: 9 Rounder. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Andy SC.

Signed up: Jim Bentley, Ian Volante, Alex H, Tom Chafer-Cook, Matthew Tassier, Stuart McFarlane, James Martin, Jason Turner, Joyce Phillips, Andrew Smith, Chris Marshall, John Slater, Tom Barnes, Johnny Canuck, Tlou Laz, Emily Cox, Robin M, Ciaran Crawley, Eoin Jackson, Jon Wilford, Judith Young, Zarte Siempre, Anoush Khachik, Mark Murray, Darran Prior, Kevin Steede, John Beresford, Tricia Lockhart, Anthony Endsor, Sean D, Dave Nicholson, Jack Slane, Luke Johnson-Davies, Brett Davids, Liam O, Sean Fletcher, Matty Artell, Andy SC, Thomas Conway, Phil Hannan, Tim Down, Brian Curtin, Peter J Clarke, Hazel Drury, Andrew Hypes, Martin Hurst, Aidan L, Sam Prouse, Ailsa Watson, Dan McCarthy, Bradley Horrocks, Dan Byrom, Steve Anderson, Gulshan Ram, Toby McDonald, Noel Mcilvenny, Amar Chotai, Ian Birdman, Elliott Mellor, Cammy- Lovatt, Richard Hayward, Ross Jeffries, Mich H, Spike Guthrie.

Fixtures: 0. Completed: 0.

This website is not endorsed by or affiliated with Channel 4, the makers of Countdown, or any person associated with the aforementioned in any way whatsoever at all, never has been, never will be, and moreover is proud not to be. Yep.

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