Zarte Siempre

Zarte Siempre I would strongly back Rahul if I were a betting man. But we'll see.

Good luck, both.

Thomas Carey

Thomas Carey #teamrahul !

Gevin Chapwell

Gevin Chapwell Match fixing!

Zarte Siempre

Zarte Siempre That was horrific. Spoilage should never be played against anything other than prune.

Rahul Suresh

Rahul Suresh I agree re. prune, Zarte! The "she will undoubtedly foil some great close declarations with perfect solves" was getting pretty painful! Luckily had 3 pretty simple rounds that helped..

Good luck with the final round, Thomas.

Zarte Siempre

Zarte Siempre 54's a really strong score Rahul. Tom'll have to go some, well done :)

Thomas Carey

Thomas Carey I'm super tired and my pb is 39 lol. I'll do it tonight but gg Rahul :)

Thomas Carey

Thomas Carey :o

Zarte Siempre

Zarte Siempre Holy shit. Well done Maus!

Tim Down

Tim Down Wow, well done T(h)om(as).

Matthew Tassier

Matthew Tassier Congratulations Tom! Huge score from Velvet, so really well done to find enough perfect solves to get that done. Just like last year the player with the lowest cumulative points coming into the final has turned it around to grab the title.

Matthew Tassier

Matthew Tassier Well done to our other two finalists, both really strong throughout the tournament. And a big thank you to everyone else who took part in a fun tournament. Look out for the 2018 edition at the start of next year.

Matthew Tassier

Matthew Tassier GOODBYE!
*disturbing wink*

Gevin Chapwell

Gevin Chapwell Very well done Thomas. A worthy winner. And the other finalists too.

And thank you very much Matthew for organising this. And hopefully it will run again next year!

Zarte Siempre

Zarte Siempre Yes, this is definitely one of the tourney high points of the year. Looking forward to the next one already. Thanks Tass :)

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Mike Springett

Mike Springett Congrats TC, great win. Thanks for organising MT!

Elliott Mellor

Elliott Mellor Congrats Thomas!
And thanks for organising Matthew, you can be sure to see me here again next year!

Chris Butler

Chris Butler Congratulations to Tom and unlucky to Rahel and Zarte who narrowly missed out. Thanks for another great tournament, if I renew for another year it will solely be to enter this tourney again (although I start my masters soon and fear that I may have to give apterous a wide berth in order to thrive on it!)

Thomas Carey

Thomas Carey Yeah thanks for organising Matthew, it's been great. Genuinely didn't expect anything from that game, but I guess the velvet score shows that it was a bit easier than the others. I was very happy with 8th last year and would have been here too, so this is insane. Thanks everyone, see you next year!

Rahul Suresh

Rahul Suresh Nice one Tom; really well played! Congrats!
And to Zarte too; great aggregate tournament score..

Matthew, thanks for organising this; was a lot of fun! will definitely be back for the next one!

Tourney round: Weakest Link Numbers Tournament 2017: Round 23 - Spoilage

<< Round 22 - Octolock

Notes from the organizer: Finally we reach the twenty-third and final round which will be played again in the notorious Spoilage format, this year against Apterous Velvet. Spoilage is the ultimate apterous test of arithmetic, time management, decision making and focus. Velvet will choose 4 large numbers and is pretty strong, so she will undoubtedly foil some great close declarations with perfect solves.
Let's check out the contenders:
Zarte Simpre - Cumulative points 3852, 2 * Strongest Link, 6 max games, narrowest escape 2 points, spoilage PB 112, last year 4th.
Rahul Suresh - Cumulative points 3737, 3 * Strongest Link, 2 max games, narrowest escape 7 points (3 times!), spoilage PB 92, first participation.
Thomas Carey - Cumulative points 3600, 1 * Strongest Link, 3 max games, narrowest escape 2 points, spoilage PB 39, last year 8th.

So, Zarte enters the final with the best tournament stats and also the highest spoilage PB and Thomas as the outsider of the three. But as we saw in last years final, in the weakest link format there is always the chance of an upset.
The highest scoring player in this round will be declared the 2017 champion. If there is a tie then margin of victory/defeat will be taken into account amongst tied players followed, if necessary, by total score in the tournament so far (see notes by matches).
Good Luck to the final three!

Ran from: 6 – 16 April 2017. Format: Spoilage Numbers Attack. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Matthew Tassier.

Fixtures: 3. Completed: 3.

Results and fixtures

NotesPlayer 1Player 2Status
3852Apterous VelvetZarte Siempre132 – 30
3737Apterous VelvetRahul Suresh105 – 54
3600Apterous VelvetThomas Carey156 – 60

Key. Green: winner. Red: loser. Grey: tie. Light green/red: provisional. White: unplayed.

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