Jason Larsen

Jason Larsen Ok. 103 is my personal best for Lockdown Numbers but will it hold up in this tourney? I don't know. It's not looking good so far though.

Dan Byrom

Dan Byrom I doubt there'll be a problem with that. You probably won't win, but you might as well give it a shot. I'm not particularly great either but I enjoy it so I'm giving it a go anyway.

Martin Hurst

Martin Hurst Qualifying results (maxes in brackets):
Joint 1st - 197 - 19 additional points earned - Matthew Tassier (20), Noel Mcilvenny (20), Marcus Hares (19)
Joint 4th – 194 – 16 additional points earned – Chris Butler (20), Ben Andrews (19), Thomas Carey (19)
Joint 7th – 191 – 12.5 additional points earned – Zarte Siempre (19), Jamie French (18), Dave Noble (18), Sean Fletcher (18)
Joint 11th – 190 – 9.5 additional points earned – Gevin Chapwell (19), Thomas Cappelman (19)
13th – 188 – 8.5 additional points earned – Stephen R (16)
14th – 185 – 7 additional points earned – Chris Marshall (15)
Joint 15th – 184 – 5.5 additional points earned – Jason Turner (17), Robin M (17)
17th – 182 – 4 additional points earned – Tim Down (15)
18th – 181 – 3 additional points earned – Elliott Mellor (16)
19th - 178 – 2 additional points earned – Phil Collinge (15)
Joint 20th – 174 – 0.5 additional points earned – Jim Bentley (16), Matty Art

Martin Hurst

Martin Hurst Additional points earned will be added to their total points score in the main race to give a final score. Everyone who scored less than 174, or didn’t take part in, qualifying can still enter the main race, but will not have any additional points added to their score.

The main race is still "awaiting approval" - hopefully this will be approved ASAP.

Gevin Chapwell

Gevin Chapwell This is very competitive with 190 putting you down on the 6th row.

Tourney round: Formula One Large - Event 1 - Australia: Qualifying

Main Race >>

Notes from the organizer: Please see [apterous link] for details of the competition, and the season calendar.

This grand prix will be in the Lockdown Numbers Attack format. Qualifying (running Monday to Friday) will be against Prune, the actual race (running Saturday and Sunday) will be against Velvet.

Lockdown rules: The first number selected, highlighted in red, must be used in your solution. Note that the solution is still valid even if the red number leads to a "dead end"; for example, if 2 were the red number and 225 the target, 6-2=4, 3x75 = 225 would be a valid solution.

The top 20 in qualifying will be awarded additional actual race points as follows: 20 for 1st, 19 for 2nd, 18 for 3rd etc, all the way down to 1 point for 20th. These additional actual race points will then be added to your actual race score for a final total, which will determine the final grand prix standings (for example, if you qualify 1st and score 190 in the numbers attack in the actual race, your total will be 20 (for qualifying) + 190 (actual race score) = 210)

Points will then be allocated at the end of each grand prix the same way Formula 1 points are allocated: 1st place - 25 points; 2nd -18; 3rd - 15; 4th -12; 5th - 10; 6th - 8; 7th - 6; 8th - 4; 9th - 2; 10th – 1. The person with the highest number of accumulated points at the end of the season will be declared the champion!

You don’t have to finish in the top 20, or even participate at all, in qualifying to enter the actual race, but obviously you will be at a disadvantage as you won’t have any additional points to start with.

If you enter qualifying and you don’t take part in the actual race, you will be adjudged to have “crashed” in the race.

By entering this grand prix, you don't have to commit to entering all the other races in the season – you can race in as many or as few as you like. There will be a new independent sign-up for each qualifying and actual race event.

Additional race points earned in qualifying will be shared in the event of any ties. Ties in the actual race (after adding into account the additional race points earned from qualifying) will be determined firstly by points scored in the actual race alone, secondly by number of maxes in the actual race, thirdly by number of maxes in qualifying, and finally (unless it is a max game) by the lowest bot opponent score in the actual race. Positions (and grand prix points) will be shared if still a tie.

Ran from: 20 – 24 March 2017. Format: Lockdown Numbers Attack. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Martin Hurst.

Fixtures: 33. Completed: 33.

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