Zarte Siempre

Zarte Siempre Couple of people asking for the Masters list for this year - just wanted to make sure none of them shouted at me that I'd missed someone first :)

These are in exact order of priority, and in the event of a round needing seeding with more seeds than qualifiers, the earliest on the list will take priority.

If you think people are missing (Dylan was the most obvious one I could think of) then this is because they've declined their invitation 2 years in a row. If anyone who has previously declined twice plays as a non-Master this year, I will gladly extend an invite to them should it be applicable next year.

Masters in post to follow:

Zarte Siempre

Zarte Siempre Last year's Masters top 8 - Jack Worsley, Transude Transude, Thomas Carey, Zarte Siempre, Callum Todd, James Robinson, Matthew Brockwell, Rob Foster

Last year's TV semi-finalists and better - Martin Hurst, Amie Bateen, Conraid Teixeira, Robin McKay, Stephen Fuller

Last year's co-event winners and runner-ups - Stephen R, Thomas Cappleman

Quarter finalists from 2016 on TV - Tim Down

FOCAL top 8 not already invited - Jen Steadman, Eddy Byrne

The Ben Wilson annual discretionary place for longevity - Mark Tournoff

Highest players in Proranks at time of writing, otherwise uninvited - Simpatico Jones, Jonathan Rynn, Johnny Canuck, Mark Murray, Matt Hall

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Zarte Siempre

Zarte Siempre Except written as Jonathan Wynn and not as if I'm channelling Wossy.

Zarte Siempre

Zarte Siempre Sign-ups have been open for a week and we're already up to 53. Keep them coming!

Mark Mills

Mark Mills Damn, I not on Masters list :)

Zarte Siempre

Zarte Siempre Ladies and gents, sign-ups for this close TONIGHT!!!!!

Amar Chotai

Amar Chotai Quick question Zarte, when will the draw be made and the first round of matches take place?

Tourney round: The 10th Apterous Masters : Sign-up page

Preliminary Rounds >>

Notes from the organizer: Well hello, ladies and gents.

It's time to announce the Apterous Masters 2017!

This will be the 10th running of the Masters, and the second time I'll have taken charge of it. For the uninitiated amongst you, here's how it works.

This tournament is open to absolutely any of you, however before I write this, I've made a list (by measurable terms, not just a whim) of 24 players who I believe should be seeded on the basis of Countdown/Apterous/Co-events in 2016. These players will make it into the first round proper automatically, should they accept their invites. Everyone else will play off in preliminary rounds to enter the first round proper.

Each round is drawn randomly, except for a provision in the very first main round to try and keep seeded players apart as much as possible. Which means in the round of 16, I could play Jack, or 2 qualifiers could play one another to make sure one makes the last eight. Anything can happen. Games start off as best-of-three 15 rounders, but get gradually longer as the tournament progresses, leaving the final as a best-of-eleven slugfest.

If you make the top 8 this year, you are the first 8 names on the list for next year's competition.

The exact form the competition will take depends entirely on how many of the masters accept their invites, and how many other entries there are, but everyone will get to play - there is no maximum cap on the tournament.

Sign-ups will be open until after the Leeds co-event.

Good luck to everyone!

Ran from: 7 March – 2 April 2017. Format: 15 Rounder. Matches: Best-of-3. Approved.

Organizers: Zarte Siempre.

Fixtures: 0. Completed: 0.

This website is not endorsed by or affiliated with Channel 4, the makers of Countdown, or any person associated with the aforementioned in any way whatsoever at all, never has been, never will be, and moreover is proud not to be. Yep.

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