Jason Turner

Jason Turner Rhys can you put Ben through please it was a typo that made him miss conundrum. cheers

Tourney round: Apterous Football League Cup: Round Two

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Notes from the organizer: Same again. Two weeks again.

I realise (cheers Ben) that I made a mistake in the description for Round One - the actual Excel file I simulated it on all worked, so it's my perissology getting in the way again. I have made one change to what I said in the sign-ups, though. And I promise this works as well. And yes, I have actually checked the description this time to make sure I'm not an idiot and written down the wrong thing again.

All 10 players are going into the pot for a purely random draw - and - here's the change - at the end of the round, the lowest-ranked two remaining players in the competition will have to play one more game.

Fire away.

Ran from: 16 – 30 October 2015. Format: 15 Rounder. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Rhys Benjamin.

Fixtures: 5. Completed: 5.

Results and fixtures

Player 1Player 2Status
Chris MaudsleyEddy Byrne83 – 89
Ian VolanteBrett Davids95 – 63
Chris MarshallJohn Vivian81 – 113
Transude TransudeTracey Mills91 – 90
Jason TurnerBen Hocking102 – 85

Key. Green: winner. Red: loser. Grey: tie. Light green/red: provisional. White: unplayed.

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