Zarte Siempre

Zarte Siempre Jamie M has applied for a one-cycle break.

Andrew Keith and James Nguyen are the 2 players who did not complete enough games to reappear in this cycle.

Zarte Siempre

Zarte Siempre Play-Offs will exist, once it lets me put play-offs in =/

Zarte Siempre

Zarte Siempre Not currently opening this cycle due to a lack of people in the final division - please do enter if you're not currently involved and help me sort this out :)

Zarte Siempre

Zarte Siempre A slight change of plan, ladies and gents - due to the delay in finding enough people to make the bottom division a worthwhile exercise, the 21st cycle would clash with the beginning of The Mole and begin to impact on my organisation time for - as a result, I will not be running the 21st cycle.

But don't fear, Callum T has once again very kindly agreed to stand in and will be taking charge of cycles 21 and 22, before I return to control later in the year :)

Thanks for your understanding


Ian Volante

Ian Volante What happened then?

Zarte Siempre

Zarte Siempre Callum took over, I took it back, then I gave control to James Rowan and Eddy who neglected it until it died.

Ian Volante

Ian Volante Oh okay, I did vaguely think it had lasted longer than this at least. I miss it.

Zarte Siempre

Zarte Siempre Someone would be welcome to take it over, but it won't be me. Too much on my plate these days.

James Laverty

James Laverty Would be nice to see it back, sadly too busy to organise it myself atm

Ian Volante

Ian Volante Me too sadly.

Eddy Byrne

Eddy Byrne I've really fucked it over, and i've been thinking about it a lot recently, maybe i should try and do it with a more disciplined approach some time. The one cycle I ran was plagued by procrastination in terms of typing up the scores.

Ian Volante

Ian Volante Surely you could just copy/paste them?

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Eddy Byrne

Eddy Byrne Ill look in to a new cycle soon. I miss it too tbf. And quite a few new members recently. Really should be having three cycles a year.

Zarte Siempre

Zarte Siempre lol, 3 a year? It used to be like 7 a year.

Tim Down

Tim Down I made a league table generator thing for that tournament a few months ago which had a round robin of about 40 people, in case that helps.

Sean D

Sean D A great tournament and brilliant for newbies. Would love to see it back up and running. Not an easy one to administer though, I can imagine.

Eddy Byrne

Eddy Byrne i'm off college this week, i will look into organising the next cycle.

Tourney round: Apto-tude League: The 21st Cycle

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Notes from the organizer: No need to sign-up if you're already in the league.

Ran from: 25 May – 2 June 2015. Format: 15 Rounder. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Zarte Siempre.

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