Tourney: The Colossal Conundrum Collision

Organizer(s): Adam Finlay.

Winner: Zarte Siempre (Won 2 straight games against Eddy Byrne in the final! A worthy champion who fought some tough competition on the way!).


Round nameStart dateEnd dateFormat
Sign-up31 January 20176 February 2017Conundrum x5
Round 16 February 201714 February 2017Conundrum Attack
Round 214 February 201721 February 2017Hypernundrum Attack
Round 1 Delayed15 February 201720 February 2017Conundrum Attack
Round 322 February 20173 March 2017Octorock Conundrum Attack
Semifinal3 March 201712 March 2017Nasty Conundrum Attack
The Final - Game 315 March 201721 March 2017Nice 9
The Final - Game 118 March 201721 March 2017Junior 9 Rounder
The Final - Game 218 March 201721 March 2017Hyper Nasty 9
The Actual Final no.1 - Junior21 March 201724 March 2017Junior Conundrum Attack
The Actual Final no.2 - Hyper Nasty21 March 201724 March 2017Hyper Nasty Conundrum Attack

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