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StatusTicketTypeFiled byResponse
UnconfirmedFudgedownVariant ideaAdam Dexter19Up votes 0Neutral votes 2Down votes10Replies
UnconfirmedBodgedownVariant ideaMatt Morrison37Up votes 3Neutral votes 3Down votes13Replies
UnconfirmedBeardownVariant ideaCallum Todd28Up votes 3Neutral votes 2Down votes32Replies
AcceptedVariant idea: JaildownVariant ideaCharlie Reams45Up votes 3Neutral votes 2Down votes11Replies
UnconfirmedClassic show run simulationVariant ideaMartin Hurst18Up votes 6Neutral votes 0Down votes1Replies
UnconfirmedGoatlockVariant ideaMatty Artell31Up votes 2Neutral votes 1Down votes6Replies
UnconfirmedConundrum Attacks by DifficultyVariant ideaMatt Hall13Up votes 2Neutral votes 7Down votes4Replies
UnconfirmedVariant Idea: The Sock FetishistVariant ideaSimpatico Jones20Up votes 2Neutral votes 3Down votes10Replies
UnconfirmedNew snooker-related variant idea (Breakdown)Variant ideaPiaras M Carney11Up votes 4Neutral votes 1Down votes2Replies
UnconfirmedVariant idea: TouchgoatVariant ideaJamie M14Up votes 4Neutral votes 4Down votes8Replies
AcceptedVariant idea: PardownVariant ideaIan Volante19Up votes 4Neutral votes 1Down votes4Replies
UnconfirmedCountINGdownVariant ideaZarte Siempre11Up votes 8Neutral votes 3Down votes8Replies
AcceptedVariant idea: ScrabbledownVariant ideaMatt Morrison17Up votes 5Neutral votes 6Down votes3Replies
AcceptedVariant idea: FirstdownVariant ideaKirk Bevins17Up votes 3Neutral votes 6Down votes4Replies
AcceptedVariant idea: FlashdownVariant ideaBen Wilson11Up votes 8Neutral votes 4Down votes4Replies
AcceptedVariant idea: CleardownVariant ideaBradley Holland10Up votes 8Neutral votes 5Down votes5Replies
UnconfirmedSpookydown (or 'thirteendown' if you prefer)Variant ideaBen Wilson12Up votes 3Neutral votes 8Down votes2Replies
UnconfirmedBoiled EggVariant ideaRhys Benjamin12Up votes 6Neutral votes 4Down votes8Replies
AcceptedVariant idea: Mohsy on DownVariant ideaMichael Wallace13Up votes 7Neutral votes 2Down votes2Replies
AcceptedVariant idea: CameradownVariant ideaMatt Hamer11Up votes 4Neutral votes 7Down votes3Replies
PendingVariant idea: AimdownVariant ideaShaun Hegarty9Up votes 10Neutral votes 3Down votes4Replies
AcceptedVariant idea: FairdownVariant ideaSteve Balog14Up votes 5Neutral votes 1Down votes1Replies
PendingVariant idea: ChoosedownVariant ideaMatt Morrison11Up votes 7Neutral votes 4Down votes3Replies
UnconfirmedBeanstalk NumbersVariant ideaAndy SC19Up votes 3Neutral votes 3Down votes2Replies
UnconfirmedA variant idea - Currently untitledVariant ideaRobert Miller10Up votes 7Neutral votes 5Down votes19Replies
UnconfirmedTime for another Aegilops star path?Variant ideaSean D8Up votes 8Neutral votes 5Down votes5Replies
UnconfirmedDeepdown conundrum suggestionVariant ideaRichard Freeland13Up votes 7Neutral votes 0Down votes3Replies
UnconfirmedFlairdown!Variant ideaBojack Horseman12Up votes 7Neutral votes 3Down votes8Replies
UnconfirmedOn The Buzzer (working title)Variant ideaKieran Bray8Up votes 10Neutral votes 3Down votes4Replies
UnconfirmedBreakdownVariant ideaRichard Brittain26Up votes 2Neutral votes 7Down votes25Replies
UnconfirmedCovetdownVariant ideaGeorge Ford10Up votes 10Neutral votes 2Down votes5Replies
UnconfirmedNoMaxDownVariant ideaMarcus Hares24Up votes 2Neutral votes 4Down votes11Replies
UnconfirmedNew Variant idea - Hold 'em down.Variant ideaJon Stitcher13Up votes 4Neutral votes 8Down votes4Replies
UnconfirmedNumber variant IdeaVariant ideaJack Hurst19Up votes 3Neutral votes 4Down votes14Replies
UnconfirmedPlay against people on Gym workoutVariant ideaMatt OC19Up votes 4Neutral votes 10Down votes5Replies
UnconfirmedBayfield's DelightVariant ideaAndy Platt25Up votes 2Neutral votes 7Down votes7Replies
UnconfirmedNew variant idea, Chasedown.Variant ideaJon Stitcher43Up votes 5Neutral votes 5Down votes10Replies
UnconfirmedSurprise!Variant ideaMark Ivey29Up votes 7Neutral votes 6Down votes17Replies
UnconfirmedSnookerdown/PotdownVariant ideaJon Stitcher20Up votes 4Neutral votes 6Down votes11Replies
UnconfirmedDoubledownVariant ideaKevin Stoba14Up votes 7Neutral votes 5Down votes4Replies
UnconfirmedConundrums of 13 letters or moreVariant ideaAdam Gillard16Up votes 3Neutral votes 5Down votes3Replies
UnconfirmedNumbers attack sub-variantsVariant ideaMatthew Brockwell16Up votes 4Neutral votes 3Down votes5Replies
UnconfirmedOctoTouchVariant ideaMatt OC16Up votes 5Neutral votes 3Down votes16Replies
AcceptedNew Variant Idea: PenguindownVariant ideaJordan F20Up votes 4Neutral votes 3Down votes12Replies
AcceptedA format of a gambling nature...Variant ideaZarte Siempre22Up votes 3Neutral votes 5Down votes25Replies
AcceptedVariant request: DecampmentVariant ideaBen Wilson19Up votes 11Neutral votes 6Down votes15Replies
AcceptedVariant idea: OctogoatVariant ideaQuinn James19Up votes 3Neutral votes 3Down votes5Replies
AcceptedVariant idea: RolldownVariant ideaAndy Wilson36Up votes 7Neutral votes 1Down votes10Replies
AcceptedVariant idea: EfficientdownVariant ideaGevin Chapwell17Up votes 7Neutral votes 5Down votes4Replies
AcceptedVariant idea: SequencedownVariant ideaMatt Hamer17Up votes 3Neutral votes 0Down votes3Replies
AcceptedTarget score rather than fixed roundsVariant ideaBen Wilson19Up votes 5Neutral votes 2Down votes4Replies
AcceptedVariant idea: TickdownVariant ideaJon O'Neill50Up votes 3Neutral votes 0Down votes14Replies
AcceptedVariant idea [conundrums]: HardupdownVariant ideaMichael Wallace16Up votes 6Neutral votes 2Down votes3Replies
AcceptedBeanstalk (formerly Hydradown)Variant ideaBen Wilson41Up votes 3Neutral votes 2Down votes43Replies
AcceptedVariant idea: CarrydownVariant ideaMarc Meakin10Up votes 8Neutral votes 4Down votes2Replies
PendingVariant idea: FusiondownVariant ideaBen Wilson17Up votes 5Neutral votes 7Down votes9Replies
PendingVariant idea: ContinuedownVariant ideaBob De Caux16Up votes 12Neutral votes 3Down votes8Replies
UnconfirmedMadagascan CountdownVariant ideaTom Rowell14Up votes 2Neutral votes 4Down votes7Replies
UnconfirmedMonodownVariant ideaGeorge Ford11Up votes 9Neutral votes 2Down votes4Replies
UnconfirmedNew numbers variant loosely based on AegilopsVariant ideaMartin Long10Up votes 4Neutral votes 4Down votes2Replies
UnconfirmedBeanstalk+ (this needs a name)Variant ideaIan Volante10Up votes 4Neutral votes 1Down votes11Replies
UnconfirmedTouchupVariant ideaMatty Artell10Up votes 6Neutral votes 4Down votes3Replies
UnconfirmedRhythmdownVariant ideaRobert Miller11Up votes 8Neutral votes 3Down votes21Replies
UnconfirmedGaelic language optionVariant ideaJames Laverty8Up votes 9Neutral votes 4Down votes6Replies
UnconfirmedWord training 'conundrums'Variant ideaEdward Ffitch6Up votes 6Neutral votes 2Down votes3Replies
UnconfirmedDefDownVariant ideaSimpatico Jones8Up votes 2Neutral votes 4Down votes1Replies
UnconfirmedUnlimited NumbersVariant ideaDave Robjohns9Up votes 5Neutral votes 3Down votes10Replies
UnconfirmedVariant idea: Street CountdownVariant ideaMatty Artell19Up votes 4Neutral votes 5Down votes2Replies

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