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UnconfirmedApto Pub Quiz VIIMiscellaneous topicSam Prouse7Up votes 1Neutral votes 0Down votes9Replies
UnconfirmedMorale boostMiscellaneous topicMatthew S Rutherford8Up votes 0Neutral votes 0Down votes7Replies
UnconfirmedFunniest game on ApterousMiscellaneous topicJoseph H7Up votes 3Neutral votes 0Down votes10Replies
UnconfirmediPad viewMiscellaneous topicMich H8Up votes 4Neutral votes 1Down votes14Replies
UnconfirmedOldest Countdown championMiscellaneous topicSteve H4Up votes 3Neutral votes 0Down votes6Replies
UnconfirmedSpoon of Awesome nomination for Andy SCMiscellaneous topicCallum Todd56Up votes 1Neutral votes 1Down votes21Replies
UnconfirmedTwo letter word list - aegilopsMiscellaneous topicFiona T15Up votes 0Neutral votes 0Down votes0Replies
UnconfirmedApto MisconceptionsMiscellaneous topicSpike Guthrie18Up votes 1Neutral votes 1Down votes37Replies
UnconfirmedStatland seems to be brokenMiscellaneous topicRoger Vincent19Up votes 1Neutral votes 0Down votes10Replies
UnconfirmedIf the Premiership used the Glicko Ratings system.Miscellaneous topicGerry Sullivan7Up votes 2Neutral votes 2Down votes13Replies
UnconfirmedConundrum dilemmaMiscellaneous topicJoseph H2Up votes 5Neutral votes 1Down votes13Replies
UnconfirmedHow 'A' can be pencilled in NormalMiscellaneous topicJames Rowan26Up votes 0Neutral votes 0Down votes11Replies
UnconfirmedSpruce's Apto Pub Quiz VMiscellaneous topicSam Prouse5Up votes 4Neutral votes 0Down votes29Replies
UnconfirmedSpruce's Apto Pub Quiz VMiscellaneous topicSam Prouse1Up votes 6Neutral votes 1Down votes1Replies
UnconfirmedApto-Tude potential new divisions issueMiscellaneous topicPiaras M Carney2Up votes 7Neutral votes 0Down votes5Replies
UnconfirmedMole 2019?Miscellaneous topicZarte Siempre6Up votes 6Neutral votes 8Down votes2Replies
UnconfirmedSpindlomatic Dialogue No Longer NeededMiscellaneous topicRhys Benjamin8Up votes 3Neutral votes 8Down votes6Replies
UnconfirmedLooking to sell my laptop prizeMiscellaneous topicZarte Siempre6Up votes 5Neutral votes 1Down votes1Replies
Unconfirmed(not sure whether this is the place to ask) Question about profile pictures.Miscellaneous topicOliver Bowden1Up votes 7Neutral votes 0Down votes8Replies
UnconfirmedGreat to see the site going well again.Miscellaneous topicLiam O19Up votes 1Neutral votes 0Down votes2Replies
UnconfirmedI can't believe it's a word!Miscellaneous topicBradley Holland6Up votes 2Neutral votes 3Down votes19Replies
UnconfirmedApto ChatMiscellaneous topicSam Prouse2Up votes 2Neutral votes 8Down votes4Replies
UnconfirmedWiping obsolete tourney games. Miscellaneous topicLiam O24Up votes 2Neutral votes 0Down votes17Replies
UnconfirmedArchived Countdown EpisodesMiscellaneous topicAdam Finlay6Up votes 5Neutral votes 0Down votes7Replies
UnconfirmedApto/Countdown Goals 2018.Miscellaneous topicSpike Guthrie9Up votes 4Neutral votes 2Down votes44Replies
UnconfirmedWorld Scrabble Championship CoverageMiscellaneous topicPhilip Aston9Up votes 5Neutral votes 0Down votes12Replies
UnconfirmedApterous/C4C Premier League Superbru 17/18Miscellaneous topicZarte Siempre1Up votes 6Neutral votes 2Down votes2Replies
UnconfirmedComplete list of Countdown words by usefulnessMiscellaneous topicTransude Transude6Up votes 4Neutral votes 1Down votes5Replies
UnconfirmedApterous/C4C Fantasy Football 2017/18Miscellaneous topicZarte Siempre5Up votes 7Neutral votes 0Down votes0Replies
UnconfirmedCOLIN- your storiesMiscellaneous topicBen Wilson11Up votes 2Neutral votes 6Down votes0Replies
UnconfirmedWatching games you are not playingMiscellaneous topicMartin Hurst2Up votes 9Neutral votes 0Down votes14Replies
UnconfirmedStar LoadsMiscellaneous topicDarran Prior8Up votes 5Neutral votes 0Down votes1Replies
UnconfirmedApterous Masters XMiscellaneous topicBen Wilson27Up votes 1Neutral votes 3Down votes8Replies
UnconfirmedMost Stemful WordsMiscellaneous topicNoel Mcilvenny7Up votes 6Neutral votes 2Down votes5Replies
UnconfirmedRemove Auto Decline FacilityMiscellaneous topicPhil Collinge3Up votes 5Neutral votes 9Down votes9Replies
UnconfirmedThe problem with the recent ODO updateMiscellaneous topicRay Wilding12Up votes 3Neutral votes 0Down votes14Replies
UnconfirmedRadio & Co ManchesterMiscellaneous topicMark Mills6Up votes 8Neutral votes 3Down votes1Replies
UnconfirmedVariable Thresholds for Historic 'Spoon of Awesome' TicketsMiscellaneous topicPhil Collinge8Up votes 5Neutral votes 5Down votes1Replies
Unconfirmed2016 Wimbledon SuperbruMiscellaneous topicZarte Siempre3Up votes 6Neutral votes 6Down votes2Replies
UnconfirmedUS Open Golf 2016 Apto SuperbruMiscellaneous topicZarte Siempre2Up votes 6Neutral votes 5Down votes5Replies
Unconfirmed2016 European Championship SuperbruMiscellaneous topicZarte Siempre3Up votes 8Neutral votes 3Down votes8Replies
Unconfirmedusefulness of keyboards for tablets when playing 'play in browser' apterous gamesMiscellaneous topicJulie McCarthy6Up votes 9Neutral votes 0Down votes5Replies
UnconfirmedGood luck!Miscellaneous topicJNM Rawson6Up votes 5Neutral votes 10Down votes14Replies
On-goingFilming and Airing DatesMiscellaneous topicJNM Rawson8Up votes 3Neutral votes 4Down votes22Replies
UnconfirmedDeactivate Richard Brittain's accountMiscellaneous topicJNM Rawson2Up votes 1Neutral votes 21Down votes16Replies
UnconfirmedApterous Sponge On Holiday?Miscellaneous topicAdam Finlay10Up votes 3Neutral votes 0Down votes26Replies
UnconfirmedODO slight changeMiscellaneous topicRay Wilding9Up votes 6Neutral votes 0Down votes39Replies
UnconfirmedNew users-Some things that you need to knowMiscellaneous topicJNM Rawson7Up votes 9Neutral votes 0Down votes17Replies
UnconfirmedLooking for volunteersMiscellaneous topicJames Laverty4Up votes 10Neutral votes 0Down votes16Replies
Unconfirmednon-CSW ODO wordsMiscellaneous topicFrank Jones2Up votes 11Neutral votes 0Down votes6Replies
On-goingGames You Might Have MissedMiscellaneous topicJamie M12Up votes 1Neutral votes 2Down votes21Replies
On-goingNon-apterous achievementsMiscellaneous topicCharlie Reams12Up votes 2Neutral votes 2Down votes115Replies
On-goingWhen will the New 15 high score pass the Old 15 one?Miscellaneous topicCharlie Reams9Up votes 4Neutral votes 1Down votes30Replies
On-goingMore 'Vox Ludio' interviewsMiscellaneous topicAdam Gillard26Up votes 0Neutral votes 1Down votes33Replies
UnconfirmedRidiculous "busy etiquette" is... RidiculousMiscellaneous topicGeorge Ford20Up votes 1Neutral votes 19Down votes52Replies
UnconfirmedSeeking volunteers to help with a super-exciting Countdown-related projectMiscellaneous topicJen Steadman4Up votes 8Neutral votes 3Down votes18Replies

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