Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard I expect Giles will storm ahead in his capacity as Basher-in-Chief.

Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard Told you so.

Bradley Horrocks

Bradley Horrocks And we have a new leader!

Eoin Jackson

Eoin Jackson Bradley! Solve no more, and maintain that perfect 50,000.

Tracey Mills

Tracey Mills 10th pretty good going

Major places

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Statland: Most skilled: Way of the Parrot

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This table shows the most skilled players in the Way of the Parrot. Points in this skill are awarded for solving chat teasers.

1stJack Worsley178,578
2ndGiles H178,133
3rdAdam Gillard170,987
4thChris Hare163,889
5thMatt Hamer91,776
6thCallum Todd87,043
7thRobin M77,381
8thKirk Bevins74,321
9thZarte Siempre64,441
10thTracey Mills60,155
11thAndy Platt60,008
12thJames Nguyen58,396
13thJonathan Wynn57,376
14thMark D55,335
15thDan McColm50,251
16thChris Davies50,066
17thBradley Horrocks50,000
18thDylan Taylor45,960
19thMarcus Hares45,382
20thElliott Mellor45,240
21stBarry Bridger45,130
22ndThomas Cappleman44,536
23rdKevin Stoba42,565
24thJames Robinson41,891
25thInnis Carson41,286
26thGraeme Cole38,425
27thEoin Monaghan33,172
28thMiriam Nussbaum32,290
29thSam Prouse31,830
30thEdward McCullagh31,536

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