Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard Innis has more than twice as many XP in the standard variant as Scott in 2nd place. Didn't expect the gap to be that big.

Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard Bob de Caux is 97th with 38,827 XP, but currently 4th in Pro Ranks. Mental.

Tracey Mills

Tracey Mills I wonder who is going to hit
1m ?

Anthony Endsor

Anthony Endsor Maybe one day. I'm only 958,000 short. :)

Major places

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Statland: Most skilled: Way of the Dog

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This table shows the most skilled players in the Way of the Dog. Points in this skill are awarded for playing the standard variant [link].

1stInnis Carson951,04721
2ndJack Worsley700,75519
3rdJack Slane697,36719
4thApterous Soap684,46719
5thDavid Barnard614,86118
6thBarry Bridger514,39117
7thConor Travers505,65817
8thMark Murray504,76917
9thJohnny Canuck494,10217
10thJoyce Phillips487,04917
11thScott Gillies483,27217
12thJonathan Wynn480,64517
13thMarcus Hares475,00717
14thRobin M462,10517
15thPaul James450,87517
16thJojo Apollo434,64916
17thZarte Siempre413,25316
18thCallum Todd408,74816
19thChas Maxwell402,24416
20thDylan Taylor382,00116
21stMatt Croy353,61515
22ndJames Nguyen349,89915
23rdTim Down346,84215
24thDan McColm344,95515
25thAmie Bateen324,01615
26thAdam Gillard295,88814
27thMark D287,83914
28thStephen R284,67214
29thAndrew Keith278,35814
30thHorace Horlicks275,05214

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