Games from 2013-08-02

Games played: 67. Players: 24 (not including bots).

Contestant 1ScoreContestant 2Format
The Duellist0 - 85Dave NobleCustom Junior English
Madelaine Glew [C]53 - 101Paul WorsleyClassic 15 Normal English
Jason Larsen47 - 107Paul Worsley15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist0 - 86Jim BentleyCustom Junior English
Liam Tiernan10 - 190The GuardianConundrum Attack Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 127Giles H15 Rounder Normal English
Mr DogTD 5Jack SlaneCustom Dogfight English
The Duellist0 - 87Giles HCustom Junior English
The Duellist0 - 76Darran PriorCustom Junior English
Jack Slane113 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
Callum Todd48 - 83Liam Tiernan15 Rounder Normal English
Chris Davies [C]103 - 54Lorrie BronsemaClassic 15 Normal English
Lorrie Bronsema44 - 89Callum Todd15 Rounder Normal English
Stephen R160 - 0Apterous PruneConundrum Attack Normal English
The Guardian122 - 150Liam TiernanNumbers Attack Normal English
The Duellist0 - 87Andrew FeistCustom Junior English
Apterous Prune0 - 109Stephen R15 Rounder Normal English
Callum Todd72 - 80Lorrie Bronsema15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist0 - 87Stephen RCustom Junior English
Callum Todd38 - 30The GuardianCustom Normal English
Apterous Nude55 - 100Lorrie Bronsema15 Rounder Normal English
Michael Calder [C]49 - 33Lorrie BronsemaCustom Normal English
The Guardian0 - 43Callum ToddCustom Normal English
Mr DogTD 6Dave MattinglyCustom Dogfight English
Mr DogTD 9Lorrie BronsemaCustom Dogfight English
Mr DogTD 5Dave MattinglyCustom Dogfight English
The Duellist0 - 86Dave MattinglyCustom Junior English
The Duellist0 - 76Lorrie BronsemaCustom Junior English
Callum Todd23 - 6The GuardianCustom Normal English
The Guardian18 - 16Callum ToddCustom Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 175David BarnardNumbers Attack Normal English
Jack Slane80 - 89Joyce Phillips15 Rounder Normal English
Callum Todd26 - 0The GuardianCustom Normal English
Michael Piper37 - 103Alex Fish15 Rounder Normal English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 110Andrew SwaleConundrum Attack Normal English
Jack Worsley141 - 0Apterous PruneGoatblitz Goatdown English
Alex Fish80 - 55Michael Piper15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist0 - 86Andrew SwaleCustom Junior English
David Barnard120 - 70Apterous PruneConundrum Attack Normal English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 120Jack SlaneConundrum Attack Normal English
The Duellist0 - 77Judith YoungCustom Junior English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 100Joyce PhillipsConundrum Attack Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 179David BarnardGoat Attack Goatdown English
The Duellist0 - 88Liam TiernanCustom Junior English
Michael Piper50 - 79Alex Fish15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prime97 - 84David Barnard15 Rounder Normal English
Jonny Rye88 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist0 - 88David BarnardCustom Junior English
Joyce Phillips62 - 96Ned Pendleton15 Rounder Normal English
Mr DogTD 10Jack SlaneCustom Dogfight English
David Barnard73 - 0Apterous Prune9 Rounder Normal English
Alex Fish74 - 58Michael Piper15 Rounder Normal English
Mr DogTD 3Jack SlaneCustom Dogfight English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 110David BarnardConundrum Attack Normal English
Apterous Prune10 - 190David BarnardNice Conundrum Attack Nice English
The Duellist0 - 85Jack SlaneCustom Junior English
Ned Pendleton99 - 90Joyce Phillips15 Rounder Normal English
David Barnard109 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist0 - 86Thomas CapplemanCustom Junior English
Apterous Prune0 - 64Jonny Rye15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist0 - 77Alex FishCustom Junior English
Michael Piper20 - 4The GuardianCustom Normal English
Joyce Phillips93 - 76Ned Pendleton15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist0 - 68Charlie ReamsCustom Junior English
Jonny Rye72 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 77Jonny Rye15 Rounder Normal English
Mr DogTD 12Charlie ReamsCustom Dogfight English

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