Games from 2010-02-10

Games played: 425. Players: 107 (not including bots).

Contestant 1ScoreContestant 2Format
Ivan Dunt41 - 89Matt MorrisonOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Waldorf66 - 136Kirk BevinsLetters Attack Normal English
Jojo Apollo101 - 135The GuardianLetters Attack Normal English
Scott Gillies80 - 67Amie BateenOld 15 Normal English
Pat Rice89 - 84James RobinsonOld 15 Normal English
Henry Meier76 - 49Alex MermelsteinOld 15 Normal English
Matt Morrison84 - 81Ivan DuntOld 15 Normal English
S J117 - 124Apterous CaesarNumbers Attack Normal English
Ryan Taylor60 - 102Bob De CauxOld 15 Normal English
Scott Gillies77 - 88Amie BateenOld 15 Normal English
The Guardian7 - 7Jojo ApolloCustom Normal English
The Duellist0 - 83Lesley HinesCustom Goatdown English
Adam Gillard20 - 106James RobinsonOld 15 Normal English
Pat Rice70 - 82Lloyd PetOld 15 Normal English
Ivan Dunt91 - 60Matt MorrisonOld 15 Normal English
Micheal Harris [C]101 - 139James DoohanClassic 15 Normal English
Jojo Apollo55 - 91Henry MeierOld 15 Normal English
Amie Bateen48 - 0Apterous PruneRussian 15 Normal Russian
Apterous Caesar123 - 70S JNumbers Attack Normal English
Cillian McMulkin33 - 44Apterous WaldorfJunior 9 Rounder Junior English
Scott Gillies96 - 90James HurrellOld 15 Normal English
Lloyd Pet63 - 100Ryan TaylorOld 15 Normal English
Ivan Dunt93 - 75Matt MorrisonOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Waldorf28 - 59Cillian McMulkinJunior 9 Rounder Junior English
James Doohan76 - 63Pat RiceOld 15 Normal English
Amie Bateen52 - 0Apterous PruneRussian 15 Normal Russian
Adam Gillard62 - 77James RobinsonOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 96Bob De CauxCustom Goatdown English
The Duellist0 - 84Jojo ApolloCustom Goatdown English
Henry Meier67 - 107Scott GilliesOld 15 Normal English
Ivan Dunt85 - 79Matt MorrisonOld 15 Normal English
James Doohan108 - 37Apterous WaldorfGoatdown Standard Goatdown English
Apterous Plum55 - 76Martin MayOld 15 Normal English
Scott Gillies80 - 99Adam GillardOld 15 Normal English
Chris Davies124 - 52Peter ThomasOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Caesar85 - 80Jordan LeckonbyOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Waldorf48 - 79Zach SlaterGoatdown Standard Goatdown English
Scott Gillies70 - 85Adam GillardOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 103Edward McCullaghCustom Goatdown English
Apterous Prune0 - 63Chris Davies9 Rounder Normal English
James Levison33 - 94Peter ThomasOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Plum46 - 106Martin MayOld 15 Normal English
Innis Carson140 - 0Apterous PruneHypernundrum Attack Hyper English
Scott Gillies59 - 86Adam GillardOld 15 Normal English
Martin May69 - 59Apterous PlumOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Plum90 - 58Jordan LeckonbyOld 15 Normal English
Ben Wilson105 - 0Apterous PruneGoatdown Standard Goatdown English
Scott Gillies73 - 72Adam GillardOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 71James LerouxCustom Goatdown English
The Duellist0 - 96Lee SimmondsCustom Goatdown English
Apterous Prune0 - 145Ben WilsonGoatdown Standard Goatdown English
Niall Seymour55 - 102James DoohanOld 15 Normal English
Ben Wilson95 - 0Apterous PruneJunior 15 Rounder Junior English
The Duellist0 - 106James RobinsonCustom Goatdown English
Adam Gillard78 - 94Herbert PlankOld 15 Normal English
Scott Gillies63 - 115Ben WilsonOld 15 Normal English
Niall Seymour66 - 87Elly YoungOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 104Ben WilsonCustom Goatdown English
Niall Seymour69 - 87James DoohanOld 15 Normal English
Herbert Plank91 - 92Adam GillardOld 15 Normal English
James Robinson75 - 86Scott GilliesOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 96Ross AllattCustom Goatdown English
The Duellist0 - 88Amie BateenCustom Goatdown English
The Guardian99 - 48Jayne WisniewskiCustom Normal English
Scott Gillies65 - 86James RobinsonOld 15 Normal English
Adam Gillard69 - 78Herbert PlankOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 105Oliver GarnerCustom Goatdown English
Apterous Prune6 - 77Anglo ItalianFrench 15 Rounder Normal French
Scott Gillies69 - 99Scott PhillipsOld 15 Normal English
The Guardian89 - 74Jayne WisniewskiCustom Normal English
Anglo Italian109 - 7Apterous PruneFrench Letters Attack Normal French
Ian Wynn30 - 98Adam GillardOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Waldorf73 - 83Elly YoungOld 15 Normal English
Baz Kehlet65 - 82Jeremy BenthamOld 15 Normal English
Junaid Mubeen90 - 52Apterous CaesarOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Caesar72 - 67Jayne WisniewskiOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Plum79 - 105Martin MayOld 15 Normal English
Junaid Mubeen102 - 79Apterous CaesarOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 98Anglo ItalianFrench Letters Attack Normal French
Elly Young109 - 41Apterous WaldorfOld 15 Normal English
Scott Gillies97 - 9S JOld 15 Normal English
Baz Kehlet68 - 81Barry EvansOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Caesar62 - 116Junaid MubeenOld 15 Normal English
Adam Gillard103 - 45James LevisonOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 71Allan HarmerCustom Goatdown English
S J41 - 88Jayne WisniewskiOld 15 Normal English
Marion Lang [C]88 - 104Charlie ReamsCustom Normal English
Elly Young77 - 69Apterous WaldorfOld 15 Normal English
Charlie Reams [C]80 - 84Scott GilliesClassic 15 Normal English
Alex Horne [C]61 - 105Charlie ReamsCustom Normal English
James Levison63 - 80Apterous SpongeOmeletters Attack Omelette English
Nick Saloman [C]44 - 57Charlie ReamsCustom Normal English
Margaret Taroni [C]59 - 118Charlie ReamsClassic 15 Normal English
Allan Harmer54 - 0Apterous PruneGoatdown 9 Rounder Goatdown English
S J41 - 77Tom WilfordOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 72Lawrie CollingwoodCustom Goatdown English
Scott Gillies85 - 102Edward McCullaghOld 15 Normal English
Lloyd Pet86 - 44Jason LarsenOld 15 Normal English
Elly Young1 - 6The GuardianCustom Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 57Matt HamerGerman 15 Normal German
Jay Lopian81 - 107Joyce PhillipsOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 90Jayne WisniewskiCustom Goatdown English
Elly Young27 - 24The GuardianCustom Normal English
Zach Slater72 - 61Apterous WaldorfGoatdown Standard Goatdown English
Apterous Prune0 - 77Matt HamerGerman 15 Normal German
The Duellist0 - 83Steven TewCustom Goatdown English
Scott Gillies111 - 73Ian VolanteOld 15 Normal English
S J100 - 75Apterous CaesarNumbers Attack Normal English
Jim Bentley109 - 87Dale LevellOld 15 Normal English
Dave Mattingly65 - 84Apterous CaesarOld 15 Normal English
Adam Gillard80 - 51Samir PilicaOld 15 Normal English
Jay Lopian74 - 94Joyce PhillipsOld 15 Normal English
Matt Hamer69 - 0Apterous PruneGerman 15 Normal German
Lloyd Pet93 - 88Edward McCullaghOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 72Julie McCarthyCustom Goatdown English
Jeremy Bentham99 - 21Jason LarsenOld 15 Normal English
Matt Hamer93 - 0Apterous PruneGerman 15 Normal German
Dale Levell97 - 84Jim BentleyOld 15 Normal English
Dave Mattingly91 - 47Apterous WaldorfOld 15 Normal English
Scott Gillies76 - 100Kieran ChildOld 15 Normal English
Alex H81 - 88Samir PilicaOld 15 Normal English
Adam Gillard61 - 85Liam TiernanOld 15 Normal English
Jay Lopian44 - 92Lloyd PetOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 34Ryan Taylor9 Rounder Normal English
The Guardian5 - 3Julie McCarthyCustom Goatdown English
Apterous Caesar90 - 10S JConundrum Attack Normal English
The Duellist0 - 96Matt HamerCustom Goatdown English
The Duellist0 - 85Peter LeeCustom Goatdown English
Niall Seymour64 - 85Joyce PhillipsOld 15 Normal English
Dale Levell56 - 90Jim BentleyOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 94Ryan TaylorOmeletters Attack Omelette English
The Duellist0 - 87John GilliesCustom Goatdown English
Julie McCarthy112 - 53Apterous WaldorfOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 99Jennifer HunterCustom Goatdown English
Adam Gillard84 - 91Liam TiernanOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Caesar97 - 87S JCustom Normal English
Norm Ahmad82 - 50Baz KehletOld 15 Normal English
Misha Stapleton [C]56 - 89Matt MorrisonClassic 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 106Innis CarsonCustom Goatdown English
Jeremy Bentham78 - 65Jay LopianOld 15 Normal English
Ryan Taylor66 - 97Scott GilliesOld 15 Normal English
Dale Levell76 - 108Kirk BevinsOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 94Jim BentleyCustom Goatdown English
Marc Meakin92 - 79Niall SeymourOld 15 Normal English
S J58 - 91James LevisonOld 15 Normal English
Frank Turkey190 - 197Ian VolanteJunior Numbers Attack Junior English
Adam Gillard75 - 101Jay LopianOld 15 Normal English
Dale Levell129 - 146Kirk BevinsLetters Attack Normal English
Ryan Taylor78 - 0Apterous PruneOld 15 Normal English
Niall Seymour89 - 47James LevisonOld 15 Normal English
Adam Gillard77 - 55James DoohanOld 15 Normal English
Elly Young77 - 67Apterous WaldorfOld 15 Normal English
Andrew Feist83 - 69Jay LopianOld 15 Normal English
S J29 - 93Joyce PhillipsOld 15 Normal English
Martin May94 - 50Frank TurkeyJunior 15 Rounder Junior English
Apterous Waldorf25 - 40Andrew Herbertson9 Rounder Normal English
Anglo Italian104 - 8Apterous PruneFrench Letters Attack Normal French
Apterous Waldorf65 - 63James GreenOld 15 Normal English
Dale Levell95 - 88Henry MeierOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 104Ian VolanteCustom Goatdown English
Craig Chittenden170 - 0Apterous PruneBullet Numbers Attack Normal English
Hardev Raikmo [C]65 - 70James LevisonClassic 15 Normal English
James Doohan66 - 105Kieran ChildOld 15 Normal English
Andrew Feist85 - 74Adam GillardOld 15 Normal English
Martin May94 - 56Apterous PlumOld 15 Normal English
Liam Tiernan66 - 102Herbert PlankOld 15 Normal English
Chris Hunt [C]99 - 105Elly YoungClassic 15 Normal English
Joe Miller76 - 54Cillian McMulkinOld 15 Normal English
Craig Chittenden180 - 0Apterous PruneBullet Numbers Attack Normal English
The Guardian0 - 39Tom RowellCustom Blind English
The Guardian0 - 23Tom RowellCustom Blind English
Apterous Prune0 - 100Nick WSpeed Conundrum Attack Normal English
The Guardian0 - 4Tom RowellCustom Blind English
Adam Gillard91 - 81Andrew FeistOld 15 Normal English
The Guardian140 - 60Tom RowellCustom Normal English
The Guardian7 - 3Elly YoungCustom Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 170Nick WSpeed Conundrum Attack Normal English
Cillian McMulkin77 - 39Apterous WaldorfOld 15 Normal English
Nick W90 - 0Apterous PruneSpeed Conundrum Attack Normal English
Elly Young89 - 70Apterous WaldorfOld 15 Normal English
Henry Meier65 - 118Herbert PlankOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Velvet35 - 42Nick W9 Rounder Normal English
Andrew Feist99 - 73Adam GillardOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Waldorf23 - 48Nick W9 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist0 - 93Elly YoungCustom Goatdown English
Apterous Caesar61 - 100S JNumbers Attack Normal English
Apterous Velvet72 - 83Martin MayOld 15 Normal English
Marc Meakin63 - 73Dapo AdeniranOld 15 +TB Normal English
Apterous Prune7 - 117Anglo ItalianFrench Letters Attack Normal French
Henry Meier90 - 106Scott GilliesOld 15 Normal English
Adam Gillard72 - 64Andrew FeistOld 15 Normal English
Herbert Plank105 - 88Phil MakepeaceOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Waldorf45 - 74Elly YoungOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Waldorf33 - 77Cillian McMulkinOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Plum60 - 116Martin MayOld 15 Normal English
Jeremy Bentham92 - 0Apterous PruneGoatdown Standard Goatdown English
Apterous Prune0 - 100Craig ChittendenBullet Numbers Attack Normal English
The Duellist0 - 90Cillian McMulkinCustom Goatdown English
Scott Gillies85 - 71Dapo AdeniranOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 104Anglo ItalianFrench Letters Attack Normal French
Henry Meier87 - 98Herbert PlankOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Caesar92 - 117S JNumbers Attack Normal English
Andrew Feist64 - 54Apterous SpongeJunior 9 Rounder Junior English
Elly Young73 - 51Apterous WaldorfOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 77Jeremy BenthamGoatdown Standard Goatdown English
Marc Meakin82 - 110Dan SeasmithOld 15 Normal English
Marcus Harrison63 - 71Cillian McMulkinOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Sponge56 - 48Andrew FeistOmelette 9 Omelette English
Herbert Plank88 - 92Scott GilliesOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 102Henry MeierCustom Goatdown English
Anglo Italian112 - 7Apterous PruneFrench Letters Attack Normal French
Niall Seymour58 - 124Dan SeasmithOld 15 Normal English
James Levison54 - 0Apterous PruneGoatdown Standard Goatdown English
Sweyn Kirkness [C]68 - 49Marc MeakinClassic 15 Normal English
Mikey Lear71 - 64Adam GillardOld 15 Normal English
James Levison65 - 70Scott GilliesOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Plum69 - 76Martin MayOld 15 Normal English
Jay Lopian [C]72 - 83Matt MorrisonClassic 15 Normal English
The Guardian150 - 40Tom RowellConundrum Attack Normal English
Joseph Bolas [C]86 - 50Matt MorrisonClassic 15 Normal English
Adam Gillard68 - 56Mikey LearOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 85Craig ChittendenCustom Goatdown English
The Duellist0 - 100Tom RowellCustom Goatdown English
Adam Gillard42 - 92Mikey LearOld 15 Normal English
Alex Lacey81 - 73Dan SeasmithOld 15 Normal English
Lloyd Pet92 - 65Adam GillardOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 90Norm AhmadCustom Goatdown English
The Duellist0 - 91Michael CarrierCustom Goatdown English
Mikey Lear82 - 65Dan SeasmithOld 15 Normal English
Matthew Tassier21 - 39Bradley HollandBullet 9 Normal English
Apterous Nude40 - 36James LevisonGoatdown 9 Rounder Goatdown English
Dale Levell82 - 53Henry Meier9 Rounder Normal English
Lloyd Pet53 - 92Scott GilliesOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 98Chris DaviesCustom Goatdown English
Marc Meakin83 - 78James LevisonOld 15 Normal English
Edward McCullagh105 - 60Adam GillardOld 15 Normal English
Norm Ahmad93 - 86Matthew TassierOld 15 Normal English
Jayne Wisniewski36 - 28The GuardianCustom Normal English
Chris Davies107 - 90Dan SeasmithOld 15 Normal English
Kirk Bevins180 - 0Apterous NudeConundrum Attack Normal English
The Duellist0 - 100Jay LopianCustom Goatdown English
Mikey Lear37 - 79Apterous NudeFrench Letters Attack Normal French
Anglo Italian97 - 0Apterous PruneFrench Letters Attack Normal French
The Duellist0 - 105Lloyd PetCustom Goatdown English
Dale Levell103 - 126Kirk BevinsOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Nude39 - 49James LevisonCustom Touch Jnr. English
Adam Gillard84 - 94Edward McCullaghOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Waldorf16 - 94Daniel PatiBullet 15 Normal English
Marc Meakin78 - 91Henry MeierOld 15 Normal English
Matthew Tassier26 - 0Apterous PruneRussian Letters Attack Normal Russian
The Duellist0 - 104Kirk BevinsCustom Goatdown English
Apterous Nude58 - 86James LevisonOmeletters Attack Omelette English
Dale Levell100 - 0Apterous PruneOld 15 Normal English
Kieran Child53 - 45Daniel Pati9 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Velvet74 - 27Mikey LearFrench 9 Rounder Normal French
The Duellist0 - 99Alex HCustom Goatdown English
Apterous Prune0 - 136Kirk BevinsLetters Attack Normal English
Adam Gillard69 - 70Henry MeierOld 15 Normal English
Scott Gillies97 - 83Marc MeakinOld 15 Normal English
Dan Seasmith69 - 85Edward McCullaghOld 15 Normal English
Matthew Tassier20 - 50Bradley HollandFrench Conundrum Attack Normal French
Kieran Child107 - 75Daniel PatiOld 15 Normal English
Matt Morrison56 - 48Andrew HerbertsonOld 15 Normal English
Scott Gillies58 - 82Dan SeasmithOld 15 Normal English
Henry Meier98 - 40Adam GillardOld 15 Normal English
Marc Meakin74 - 108Edward McCullaghOld 15 Normal English
Anglo Italian31 - 76Dapo AdeniranOld 15 Normal English
Daniel Pati64 - 27Apterous WaldorfBullet 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 104Kieran ChildCustom Goatdown English
Dan Seasmith83 - 95James HurrellOld 15 Normal English
Scott Gillies55 - 30Bradley HollandSpeed 9 Normal English
Gregor Morgan19 - 81Apterous PlumOld 15 Normal English
Andrew Herbertson57 - 97Adam GillardOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 74Matthew TassierCustom Goatdown English
The Duellist0 - 102Richard PriestCustom Goatdown English
Anglo Italian36 - 0Apterous PruneGreek Letters Attack Normal Greek
Dapo Adeniran42 - 70Scott GilliesOld 15 Normal English
Gregor Morgan52 - 63Apterous WaldorfOld 15 Normal English
James Hurrell61 - 123The GuardianCustom Goatdown English
Adam Gillard71 - 86Matthew TassierOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 102Anglo ItalianFrench Letters Attack Normal French
Gregor Morgan58 - 68Apterous WaldorfOld 15 +TB Normal English
The Guardian112 - 70James HurrellCustom Goatdown English
The Duellist0 - 84Phil CollingeCustom Goatdown English
Jeremy Bentham102 - 0Apterous PruneGoatdown Standard Goatdown English
Gregor Morgan64 - 72Apterous WaldorfOld 15 Normal English
Adam Gillard65 - 93Matthew TassierOld 15 Normal English
The Guardian132 - 40James HurrellCustom Goatdown English
Karen Pearson67 - 0Apterous PruneSpanish 9 Normal Spanish
Karen Pearson36 - 0Apterous PruneSpanish 9 Normal Spanish
Jeremy Bentham109 - 0Apterous PruneGoatdown Standard Goatdown English
The Duellist0 - 97Peter WolfCustom Goatdown English
Marc Meakin74 - 78Adam GillardOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 106James HurrellCustom Goatdown English
The Duellist0 - 74Dave MattinglyCustom Goatdown English
Apterous Velvet130 - 157Jeremy BenthamNumbers Attack Normal English
The Duellist0 - 74Steve RogersCustom Goatdown English
Adam Gillard96 - 39Marc MeakinOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 86Andrew HerbertsonCustom Goatdown English
Apterous Velvet130 - 180Jeremy BenthamNumbers Attack Normal English
James Levison80 - 68Adam GillardOld 15 Normal English
Jeremy Bentham67 - 65Apterous CaesarOld 15 Normal English
Bradley Holland15 - 16Derek Hazell9 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 45Karen PearsonSpanish 9 Normal Spanish
James Levison77 - 67Jeremy BenthamOld 15 Normal English
Heather Badcock71 - 82Anglo ItalianOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 55Karen PearsonSpanish 9 Normal Spanish
The Duellist0 - 78Marc MeakinCustom Goatdown English
Derek Hazell122 - 57Apterous WaldorfNumbers Attack Normal English
The Duellist0 - 102James LevisonCustom Goatdown English
George A Meixner37 - 74Derek HazellOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 91Alex LaceyCustom Goatdown English
George A Meixner7 - 17The GuardianCustom Normal English
George A Meixner54 - 49Frank TurkeyOld 15 Normal English
Richard Appleyard2 - 1The GuardianCustom Goatdown English
The Guardian0 - 10Richard AppleyardCustom Goatdown English
Richard Appleyard42 - 19The GuardianCustom Goatdown English
Richard Appleyard32 - 12The GuardianCustom Goatdown English
The Duellist0 - 80Richard AppleyardCustom Goatdown English
John Mullens62 - 40Frank TurkeyOld 15 Normal English
John Mullens94 - 61Frank TurkeyJunior 15 Rounder Junior English
Ben Cooke90 - 30The GuardianCustom Normal English
Karen Pearson46 - 0Apterous PruneSpanish 9 Normal Spanish
Scott Gillies20 - 0Apterous PruneConundrum x10 Normal English
Scott Gillies82 - 47S JOld 15 Normal English
S J137 - 67Apterous CaesarNumbers Attack Normal English
The Duellist0 - 90Scott GilliesCustom Goatdown English
Apterous Prune0 - 121Karen PearsonSpanish Letters Attack Normal Spanish
The Duellist0 - 41S JCustom Goatdown English
Bradley Holland43 - 52Karen Pearson9 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist0 - 83Karen PearsonCustom Goatdown English
Apterous Prune12 - 95Anglo ItalianFrench Letters Attack Normal French
The Duellist0 - 98Barry EvansCustom Goatdown English
Apterous Prune19 - 97Anglo ItalianFrench Letters Attack Normal French
Apterous Waldorf85 - 22James GreenOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 64Alan WhiteCustom Goatdown English
Anglo Italian109 - 12Apterous PruneFrench Letters Attack Normal French
Anglo Italian35 - 0Apterous PruneGreek 9 Normal Greek
The Duellist0 - 58Anglo ItalianCustom Goatdown English
Bradley Holland30 - 72Apterous Plum9 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Velvet47 - 10Bradley HollandBullet 9 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 107Scott PhillipsCustom Goatdown English
Jay Converse48 - 87Bradley HollandOld 15 Normal English
Bradley Holland51 - 61Apterous Sponge9 Rounder Normal English
Ben Hunter110 - 0Jason LarsenOld 15 Normal English
Adam Gillard64 - 108Dale LevellOld 15 Normal English
CJ de Mooi [C]64 - 89Ben HunterClassic 15 Normal English
Adam Gillard91 - 29Jason LarsenOld 15 Normal English
Robert Harris [C]93 - 99Chris KirbyClassic 15 Normal English
Adam Gillard42 - 104Dale LevellOld 15 Normal English
Martin Markey [C]59 - 108Chris KirbyClassic 15 Normal English
Eve Morgan [C]57 - 114Chris KirbyClassic 15 Normal English
Diana Evans [C]45 - 100Chris KirbyClassic 15 Normal English
Adam Gillard52 - 75Dale LevellOld 15 Normal English
Mike Hannam [C]74 - 104Chris KirbyClassic 15 Normal English
Neil Newcombe [C]65 - 82Chris KirbyClassic 15 Normal English
Adam Gillard75 - 78Pat RiceOld 15 Normal English
Barbara Matthewman [C]38 - 102Chris KirbyClassic 15 Normal English
Peter Davies [C]91 - 86Chris KirbyClassic 15 Normal English
Pat Rice77 - 86Adam GillardOld 15 Normal English
David Edwards [C]77 - 103Chris KirbyClassic 15 Normal English
Paul Board81 - 62Gregor MorganOld 15 Normal English
John Jeffrey [C]73 - 107Chris KirbyClassic 15 Normal English
Richard Brittain [C]59 - 76Matt MorrisonClassic 15 Normal English
Michael Wallace109 - 16Apterous NudeOld 15 Normal English
Jon Jacobs [C]74 - 97Chris KirbyClassic 15 Normal English
Adam Gillard78 - 87Pat RiceOld 15 Normal English
Dale Levell120 - 0Apterous PruneBullet Conundrum Attack Normal English
Apterous Waldorf51 - 64Gregor MorganOld 15 Normal English
Michael Wallace113 - 78Apterous WaldorfOld 15 Normal English
Jeremy Bentham68 - 63Reuben Kay9 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist0 - 100Michael WallaceCustom Goatdown English
Gregor Morgan64 - 55Apterous WaldorfOld 15 Normal English
Jordan F41 - 85Adam GillardOld 15 Normal English
Chris Davies98 - 73Kirk BevinsOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 99Jeremy BenthamGoatdown Standard Goatdown English
Gregor Morgan62 - 79Pat RiceOld 15 Normal English
Ben Hunter86 - 32Ivan DuntGoatblitz Goatdown English
Adam Gillard65 - 106Phil MakepeaceOld 15 Normal English
The Guardian142 - 115Simon MyersCustom Normal English
Innis Carson50 - 40Ryan TaylorCustom Goatblind English
Innis Carson9 - 5Ryan TaylorCustom Goatblind English
Ivan Dunt61 - 89Ben HunterOld 15 Normal English
Pat Rice45 - 91Edward McCullaghOld 15 Normal English
Ryan Taylor3 - 6Innis CarsonCustom Blind English
The Duellist0 - 101Simon MyersCustom Goatdown English
Ryan Taylor0 - 4Innis CarsonCustom Blind English
Ryan Taylor24 - 49Innis CarsonCustom Blind English
Ryan Taylor25 - 38Innis CarsonCustom Blind English
Kirk Bevins140 - 40Adam GillardConundrum Attack Normal English
The Duellist0 - 82Jeremy BenthamCustom Goatdown English
The Guardian139 - 78Simon MyersCustom Normal English
James Doohan74 - 71Pat RiceOld 15 Normal English
Ben Hunter73 - 78Ivan DuntOld 15 Normal English
Gregor Morgan46 - 64Apterous WaldorfOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 99Ryan TaylorCustom Goatdown English
The Duellist0 - 102Matt MorrisonCustom Goatdown English
Adam Gillard41 - 114Kirk BevinsOld 15 Normal English
Dale Levell91 - 131Innis CarsonSpeedgoat Goatdown English
The Duellist0 - 98Marcus HaresCustom Goatdown English
Ivan Dunt31 - 99Ben HunterOld 15 Normal English
Pat Rice83 - 72Paul BoardOld 15 Normal English
Herbert Plank87 - 78Ryan TaylorOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 72Gregor MorganCustom Goatdown English
Dale Levell82 - 110Innis CarsonSpeedgoat Goatdown English
Liam Tiernan63 - 88Andrew FeistOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 99James DoohanCustom Goatdown English
Dale Levell121 - 111Innis CarsonOld 15 Normal English
Ryan Taylor83 - 50Adam GillardOld 15 Normal English
Ben Hunter81 - 73Herbert PlankOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 78Liam TiernanCustom Goatdown English
Dale Levell108 - 98Innis CarsonOld 15 Normal English
Paul Board71 - 77John MullensOld 15 Normal English
Andrew Feist54 - 102Herbert PlankOld 15 Normal English
Dale Levell82 - 117Innis CarsonOld 15 Normal English
Ivan Dunt59 - 95Martyn SimpsonOld 15 Normal English
Ryan Taylor94 - 47John MullensOld 15 Normal English
Liam Tiernan79 - 59Adam GillardOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 93Andrew FeistCustom Goatdown English
Phil Makepeace109 - 50Paul BoardOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 103Herbert PlankCustom Goatdown English
Richard Brittain [C]70 - 98Bob De CauxClassic 15 Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 109Dale LevellOld 15 Normal English
Innis Carson91 - 34Ryan TaylorSpanish Letters Attack Normal Spanish
Chris Wills [C]60 - 91Bob De CauxClassic 15 Normal English

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