Games from 2008-09-08

Games played: 59. Players: 10 (not including bots).

Contestant 1ScoreContestant 2Format
Apterous Prune49 - 85Mikey LearOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Prune44 - 133Jon O'NeillLetters Attack Normal English
Apterous Prune54 - 135Jon O'NeillLetters Attack Normal English
Apterous Prune51 - 122Jon O'NeillLetters Attack Normal English
Apterous Prune46 - 122Jon O'NeillLetters Attack Normal English
The Duellist0 - 40Jon CorbyCustom Hyper English
Apterous Plum76 - 104Paul HoweOld 15 Normal English
Paul Howe82 - 87Apterous PlumOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Plum101 - 93Paul HoweOld 15 Normal English
Paul Howe84 - 116Apterous RexOld 15 Normal English
Paul Howe109 - 85Apterous PrimeOld 15 Normal English
Jon O'Neill107 - 19Apterous PruneHyper 15 Hyper English
Charlie Reams134 - 45Apterous PruneLetters Attack Normal English
Charlie Reams50 - 63Apterous PruneHyper 15 Hyper English
Apterous Prune45 - 87Jon O'NeillHyper 15 Hyper English
Jon O'Neill0 - 10Apterous PrimeCustom Normal English
Paul Howe81 - 75Jon O'NeillCustom Normal English
Apterous Prime125 - 135Paul HoweCustom Normal English
Paul Howe131 - 123Apterous PrimeLetters Attack Normal English
Apterous Plum34 - 45Nick W9 Rounder Normal English
Nick W24 - 61Apterous Prime9 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prime124 - 110Paul HoweLetters Attack Normal English
Kirk Bevins110 - 73Nick WOld 15 Normal English
Charlie Reams178 - 70Jon O'NeillNumbers Attack Normal English
Nick W98 - 96Kirk BevinsOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 41Paul HoweCustom Hyper English
Jon O'Neill125 - 123Nick WNumbers Attack Normal English
Jon O'Neill70 - 120Nick WConundrum Attack Normal English
Apterous Prune10 - 160Jon O'NeillCustom Normal English
Nick W57 - 51Apterous PlumOld 15 Normal English
Nick W83 - 76Mikey LearOld 15 Normal English
Jon O'Neill106 - 36Nick WCustom Normal English
The Duellist0 - 32Jon O'NeillCustom Hyper English
Nick W85 - 67Apterous PlumOld 15 Normal English
Apterous Prune30 - 110Charlie ReamsConundrum Attack Normal English
Apterous Prune10 - 180Charlie ReamsConundrum Attack Normal English
Mikey Lear68 - 102Apterous PrimeOld 15 Normal English
Mikey Lear107 - 55Apterous PruneOld 15 Normal English
Charlie Reams97 - 38Apterous PruneOld 15 Normal English
Charlie Reams170 - 10Apterous PruneConundrum Attack Normal English
Mikey Lear74 - 134Apterous PrimeOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 39Ben WilsonCustom Hyper English
The Duellist0 - 38Charlie ReamsCustom Hyper English
Dinos Sfyris61 - 13Apterous Prune9 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune13 - 63Dinos Sfyris9 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune7 - 62Dinos Sfyris9 Rounder Normal English
Kirk Bevins109 - 71Dinos SfyrisOld 15 Normal English
Kirk Bevins111 - 71Dinos SfyrisOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 21Mikey LearCustom Hyper English
Kirk Bevins106 - 88Nick WOld 15 Normal English
Dinos Sfyris70 - 40Jim Bentley9 Rounder Normal English
Nick W88 - 98Kirk BevinsOld 15 Normal English
Jim Bentley42 - 89Dinos SfyrisOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 38Dinos SfyrisCustom Hyper English
The Duellist0 - 41Kirk BevinsCustom Hyper English
Dinos Sfyris100 - 79Jim BentleyOld 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 28Nick WCustom Hyper English
Dinos Sfyris88 - 82Nick WOld 15 Normal English
Jim Bentley65 - 33Apterous PruneOld 15 Normal English

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