Charlie Reams

Charlie Reams Looks like we've reached a fixed point with this.

Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard Not sure if James Hurrell has had a go at the Duckdown 15 yet; he could get a very good score there.

Chris Hare

Chris Hare Anyone reasonably competent stands a decent chance of improving on my Bullet 15 score, I think.

Zarte Siempre

Zarte Siempre I nearly did Chris. I was on for 139 until I clicked the wrong button on the numbers.

Gerry Tynan

Gerry Tynan Like this. Could do with maybe having a couple of goes at it if it's over a long period of time.

Nick Deller

Nick Deller Looks like the lesson for Aptathlon II is to hold back Adam/Innis etc to the last day and see which events have still got a lot of slack in them.

Charlie Reams

Charlie Reams Now you're seeing why it's a team game :)

Charlie Reams

Charlie Reams (And why you get five days to play!)

Heather Styles

Heather Styles I agree with Nick: it would be good if the 'big guns' held back for a while. I think that this is likely to boost the team score, as well as perhaps encouraging, ahem, less experienced players (e.g. me!) to join in...

John Gillies

John Gillies Gutted. Should have got 148 for Jnr 15, but went for TIDDLE (which is invalid) instead of going for one of many fives available!

Andy Platt

Andy Platt it's a sweet idea but I don't understand why it's being described as a 'team' event, perhaps I'm missing something?

Gerry Tynan

Gerry Tynan Yeah Andy, I'm kind of the same. When I looked at it first I thought that members would be divided into teams and compete against other teams. Not sure how practical that would be though.

Charlie Reams

Charlie Reams Sigh.

Gerry Tynan

Gerry Tynan Sorry Charlie. Hope that didn't come across as a complaint. It's an extra add on so can't have any quibbles.

Marcus Hares

Marcus Hares Don't sigh Charlie, it's refreshing to see some specialists on this board getting some recognition - I didn't make it on here this time but it'll make it all the more satisfying when/if I do! Good work

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Nick Deller

Nick Deller It's probably the subtle difference between a "team game" and a "team effort" that's initially confusing. Confused me, anyway. ;-)

Gevin Chapwell

Gevin Chapwell We're all one big team, right? And it's a game.

James Hurrell

James Hurrell and then maybe the point is we try and improve our team score on the next effort.

Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard Is Aptathlon II scheduled for Pi Day / Red Nose Day Eve 2013?

Tracey Mills

Tracey Mills That should be fun then

Aptathlon I

Aptathlon I is an Aptathlon that took place from 14 March 2012 to 18 March 2012. Entries so far: 62. Here's how the team did:

FormatScoreHigh scorer
Old 15148/150Ahmed M
Numbers Attack200/200Drew Halliburton
Bullet 15130/150Chris Hare
Spanish 15125/150Karen Pearson
Lockdown 15148/150Scott Gillies
Duckdown 15133/150Matt Hamer
Touchblitz Jnr146/150Herbert Plank
Junior 15 Rounder147/150Nick Deller

Team score: 1177.

What is an Aptathlon?

Honourable mentions

The following players also discharged their duty honourably in pursuit of the team's goals: Zarte Siempre, Tracey Mills, Tom Rowell, Tom Cappleman, Thomas Carey, Ryan Taylor, Robin M, Pini Stimler, Nik Mak, Nathan Cullen, Michelle N, Matthew Tassier, Matt OC, Matt Conway, Martin Long, Mark D, Marcus Hares, Lorrie Bronsema, Liam Tiernan, Kieran Bray, Jordan F, Jonathan Rawlinson, Jojo Apollo, John Slater, John Slater, John Gillies, Jayne Wisniewski, Jason Larsen, Jamie French, James Hurrell, Innis Carson, Ian Volante, Heather Styles, Hannah Curtain, Giles H, Gerry Tynan, Elliot Bowker, Edwin Mead, Dylan Taylor, Dan McColm, Chris Enado, Charlie Reams, Bob De Caux, Ben Wilson, Ben Maggie, Antoinette Ryan, Andy Platt, Andrew Hulme, Andrew Gedney, Andrew Feist, Amie Bateen, Alex R, Adam Gillard.

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