What is apterous?

The first thing to say is that apterous is definitely not Countdown. It is not endorsed by Countdown, Channel 4 or anyone important at all. However, it is a game with rounds including numbers, letters and conundrums. This may sound familiar. You can play against your friends over the Internet, or other people's friends if you don't have any of your own. To play, just register and then log in. If you're having problems, head over to our FAQ and, if that doesn't work, please do email me and I'll do my best to help.

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Format: 8 rounds of 20 seconds.
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Non-fudgable numundrums

Game feature request by Bjorn Aas. Status: Unconfirmed.

Conundrum style with numbers where the first one to note down the correct answer and end round early gets the points. [Read more] [More feature requests]

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Declining challenges button

Miscellaneous topic by Barry Bridger. Status: Unconfirmed.

I don't think that the decline challenges button works, as I've just issued four different challenges to players that are shown as 'online' and there was no response. Unless of course they all have their ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

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Apterous Rugby World Cup Tournament

Announcement by Andy SC. Status: Unconfirmed.

I just thought since the Rugby World Cup is on at the moment why not have a tournament on apterous based around the Ruby World Cup. Firstly I planned a tourney along these lines on a big scale, like ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

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12 Days Of Apterous - Tournament Series

Announcement by Andy SC. Status: Unconfirmed.

As some of you may know I am planning on hosting a 12 day tourney series on Apterous, which will consist of 12 tournaments in 12 days before Christmas. Details of each tournament are listed below: Day ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

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Accepted Signups Disappearing

Website feature request by Rhys Benjamin. Status: Unconfirmed.

With the sign-up period for the Apterous Football League Cup now over, the list of those with an accepted signup has disappeared from the tourney page, presumably because it thinks that it is a round in ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

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Most darrens maxed table

Website feature request by Jen Steadman. Status: Unconfirmed.

In a similar fashion to the letters max board, I request a board that tells you how many rounds played, how many with darrens in and how many of the darrenic rounds maxed from the last 30 days. No point ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

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apterous now works in Chrome!

Announcement by Charlie Reams. Status: Unconfirmed.

It's been a painful few months as Chrome deprecated and then killed support for applets, but we're back! Just click the "Play (for Google Chrome users)" link and you'll see a small file download; click ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

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The Mole 5 - Results Thread

Announcement by Zarte Siempre. Status: Unconfirmed.

So The Mole 5 is over. Big congratulations to Andy (Oscar) again on his 2nd title. Here's the traditional breakdown of the scores. Quiz 1 (Named Mole in brackets) Libby – 7 - Oscar Yuri – 7 - Arthur ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

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Norwegian dictionary

Game feature request by Bjorn Aas. Status: Unconfirmed.

Any chance of a Norwegian dictionary? I realise it'll hardly be a request the majority will feel a desperate urge for, but I'd love to have a go at countdown without a massive vocabulary disadvantage. ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

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Numbers round window is too narrow if there are more than six numbers

Game feature request by Graeme Cole. Status: Unconfirmed.

If I'm playing a variant where you get more than six numbers in the numbers round, such as Hyper, the default width of the window appears to be the same as for any other numbers round. This means the blue ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

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Apterous Mafia

Brainstorm by Frank Jones. Status: Unconfirmed.

Hey y'all, I've been wondering if there is any interest in playing apterous based Mafia game? it has some of the same principles as the mole, so could act as an interlude between the next series? Also ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

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Newcomers' Knockout Champion 2014-2015

Announcement by Heather Styles. Status: Unconfirmed.

I am delighted to announce Robert Miller as the Apterous Newcomers' Knockout Champion 2014-2015. After winning four games in the heats, he defeated Matty Artell in the final to take the title, and joins ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

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New Colour for Glory Roll

Miscellaneous topic by Adam Finlay. Status: Unconfirmed.

I feel it'd be useful to have a colour for glory roll stuff where your name isn't on the Top 25 roster for that certain attribute. May I suggest white? This would help me understand quickly what I am best ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

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ODO huge change

Miscellaneous topic by Ray Wilding. Status: Unconfirmed.

I was just going through SAV-, when I discovered a high density of new words. There was SAVAGEROUS, SAVAGESS, SAVAGISM, SAVAGIZE, SAVANILLA, SAVASANA, SAVATEUR... you get the idea. It seems to be that ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

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The Multiverse- First details

Announcement by James Laverty. Status: Unconfirmed.

Hello Apterous! Having been in the planning for a while, I can now reveal the initial details for my Multi-variant tourney, “THE MULTIVERSE”! Starting on October 5th, the 15 week journey will see ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

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What to do with the new ODO entries

Game feature request by Ray Wilding. Status: Unconfirmed.

Each entry can be divided into one of three categories that I will refer to as ODO, US and OED: ODO - Everything that is currently apterous valid; the normal entries of regular words. US - These entries ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

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Can the text box be made a bit taller please?

Game feature request by Jen Steadman. Status: Unconfirmed.

So you can see two lines of text instead of one. At the moment if you're writing a long message, it's quite difficult to remember what you've already said which means you end up repeating yourself and ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

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Displaying previous results

Game feature request by Gary Francis Campbell. Status: Unconfirmed.

Not sure if this has been covered before, but on the find a game screen when you click on an opponent could it show your head to head results ie 6 Wins/5 Defeats. Thanks [Read more] [More feature requests]

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Left menu / notifications to be visible by default on mobile

Website feature request by Adam Gillard. Status: Unconfirmed.

Hi Charlie, Thanks for the improvements to the apterous interface for mobile browsing. I am currently on my mobile and I can see there are two views available. The default one does not include the left ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

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Apto Mastermind 2?

Brainstorm by Phyl Styles. Status: Unconfirmed.

Would there be interest in a second Mastermind competition on here? To run between September and December? General knowledge plus specialist subjects, individual knock-out contest [Read more] [More miscellany]


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