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The first thing to say is that apterous is definitely not Countdown. It is not endorsed by Countdown, Channel 4 or anyone important at all. However, it is a game with rounds including numbers, letters and conundrums. This may sound familiar. You can play against your friends over the Internet, or other people's friends if you don't have any of your own. To play, just register and then log in. If you're having problems, head over to our FAQ and, if that doesn't work, please do email me and I'll do my best to help.

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Format: 5 rounds of 35 seconds.
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Another Weakest Link tournament

Brainstorm by Jason Larsen. Status: Unconfirmed.

I love Weakest Link tournaments. Is there any chance anyone can start another one? Thank you! [Read more] [More miscellany]

5Up votes 1Down votes 10Replies

Tennis League Alternative to SuperBru

Announcement by Adam Finlay. Status: Unconfirmed.

Hi everyone, Me and a few others are currently doing a league in Superbru for the Aussie open. However, I have just come across a fantasy tennis league that occurs throughout the whole year (ATP, WTA, ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

4Up votes 7Down votes 33Replies

Numbers and Conundrums: Mis-clicks.

Game feature request by Mike Springett. Status: Unconfirmed.

I noticed that in the numbers game, a few people have mis-clicked a number, but the mistake is almost always rectified. For instance, here's an example of an easy numbers game: 100 7 5 7 2 4 > 538. I do: ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

53Up votes 0Down votes 16Replies

Classic Mocktorun

Game feature request by Nick Deller. Status: Accepted.

Now we've got Mocktorun bedded in as a format, might it be a good idea to sellotape 8 assorted classic opponents together into a single game, starting with one against a reigning champion? It would keep ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

35Up votes 0Down votes 23Replies

Tournament licence

Website feature request by Charlie Reams. Status: On-going.

A small number of people run most of apterous' many excellent tournaments, and currently they spend a lot of time waiting around for me to approve them. I suggest a system in which people with a reasonable ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

16Up votes 2Down votes 5Replies

Add a noise when the round is over

Game feature request by Conrad Teixeira. Status: Unconfirmed.

Often on a numbers round I'll get the solution, select End Round Early, and switch to a different tab to do something else before the round ends. Sometimes I do the same on a letters round when I've got ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

19Up votes 1Down votes 18Replies

ATP Retiring

Announcement by Marcus Hares. Status: Unconfirmed.

Hi guys, A number of people are already aware of my decision to retire the ATP series but I felt I should announce it officially in case anyone was expecting its return this week. I always said I would ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

7Up votes 0Down votes 2Replies

Game of the Year (GotY) 2016

Announcement by Adam Gillard. Status: Unconfirmed.

Hello all, I'm running the Game of the Year poll for the seventh time! It consists of a one-month period for nominations and another month for voting. Nominations for GotY 2016 are now open and will ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

25Up votes 1Down votes 1Replies

Apterous on BBC Radio Surrey

Announcement by Martin Hurst. Status: Unconfirmed.

I was a guest on the BBC Radio Surrey breakfast show this morning [link] (from 1:24:55 to 1:32:00) and I managed to get a sneaky plug for Apterous on there. I'm sure ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

22Up votes 1Down votes 19Replies

Simple solo game.

Game feature request by Liam O. Status: Unconfirmed.

A very simple game: A word flashes on screen and you've 3 seconds to decide whether it's valid or not. That's it. Fully customisable for number of rounds, degree of obscurity and word lengths and languages. ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

15Up votes 3Down votes 4Replies

Hungarian language

Game feature request by Conor Travers. Status: Unconfirmed.

Having seen the suggestion for Swedish, would anybody be interested in playing using a Hungarian dictionary (I would)? It has more speakers than Finnish, Greek, Welsh, Hebrew, Catalan and Latin, and its ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

6Up votes 2Down votes 17Replies

What Makes a Countdown Champion?

Announcement by John Carpenter. Status: Unconfirmed.

Any player on apterous has some of the following qualities but a champion has ALL of these qualities and probably others as well! 1) Having a high standard of getting ability. Your opponent might know ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

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Brainstorm by Gevin Chapwell. Status: Unconfirmed.

I was looking up words and found that words like PISSEDER and PISSEDEST are no longer in, so I did a ticket search. I found a few tickets - [apterous link] [apterous link] ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

19Up votes 11Down votes 5Replies

Undo button on the numbers that can only be pressed once

Game feature request by Daniel Pati. Status: Unconfirmed.

I think there should be an Undo button on the numbers with a 2 second time limit after each sum, that can only be pressed once. As apterous isn't quite Countdown, it'd be good to finally put an end to ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

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Apterous Seniors (40+)

Announcement by Phil Collinge. Status: Unconfirmed.

For those of a certain vintage.... It's back for 2017 and open for sign-ups. [apterous link] [Read more] [More miscellany]

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Multiverse 2 Final Results

Announcement by James L. Status: Unconfirmed.

*Sorry Charlie for accidentally sending this as a tourney round. So finally, we are done. Here is the list of individual round winners summary of the last few months. Omelette: Matthew Brockwell Octolock: ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

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Dictionary updates to be front page news

Website feature request by Sean D. Status: Unconfirmed.

The recent massive expansion of the Oxford Dictionary Online has had a major impact at Apterous Towers. Thousands of new words are now valid for play. I believe there are other incremental updates from ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

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Apto Fifteen To One

Announcement by Marcus Hares. Status: Unconfirmed.

Aidan Linge and I will be hosting a Fifteen To One type quiz on apterous this Friday night at 8pm. We'll be taking entries in the room from 7.30pm and as this may be oversubscribed players will only be ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

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Most Stemful Words

Miscellaneous topic by Noel Mcilvenny. Status: Unconfirmed.

This may have been discussed previously or on c4countdown, if so, feel free to post a link to the relevant place. Does anyone have any idea of the words which stem the most new words? I strongly doubt ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

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"Set to play all" for tournament games against bots.

Game feature request by James L. Status: Unconfirmed.

With many tournaments nowadays focusing on people playing bots (Multiverse, Weakest Link, and the upcoming Aptobridge to name a few), would it be possible to set it up so all players involved would be ... [Read more] [More feature requests]


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